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IDS manufactures and supports our specially designed shop hardened industrial computers for major manufacturing companies worldwide.

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International Depot Service, Inc.

IDS manufactures our shop hardened industrial Computers that can operate in the harshest of manufacturing conditions. It is infinitely upgradeable, eliminating the cost of replacing the entire computer.

The IDS shop hardened industrial computer’s case is made of a special alloy that allows excellent heat dissipation, with the inside temperature averaging about 4 degrees Fahrenheit above the outside temperature. The case is sealed and does not allow air exchange with the surrounding environment, eliminating the need for filters to change and maintenance, keeping out oil, water, dust, and other contaminants. One unit has performed in manufacturing under a broken water pipe with no problems! When inspected, the components inside were dry and not damaged.

The case is lockable, preventing tampering with connections and sensitive electronics reducing downtime and maintaining the air quality inside.

 A durable skin covers the keyboard to protect it from any dirt, oils, and moisture in the area and has worked flawlessly over the years.

The IDS shop hardened industrial computer will work with a variety of monitors (available with optional protective cover), making it adaptable for all application. 

This design has been tested in manufacturing since 1989 with no problems.

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