You are here: Home / Guides / Turnigy Accucell 6 Balancing Battery it doesn’t come with instructions and it’s operation may be hard for the. Nothing in the manual, so I chatted with a technician on HK, but he obviously On the original Accucell 6 you could calibrate, but the next. hi. recently i purchased Turnigy accucel -6 50 watt is the link. can anyone have link of the manual of this charger? plz also.

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Turnigy ACCUCELL-6 Operating Manual

Thanks for your reply. Add a Poll to this Thread. Nothing in mznual manual, so I chatted with a technician on HK, but he obviously didn’t know much more than me. What does the manual for the 80W version say?

To use this charger, you have to hook up to the balance port and the Positve and Negative output ports.

For the price, why not? Originally Posted by domster I have the new Turnigy Accucell 6 50W 6A and also spent some time trying combinations of keys to find the calibration menu without success. If the delta-pack voltage is not detected nor the safety timer expired by any reason, this feature will automatically stop the process at the selected capacity value. Plane Lover Forum Hero. That’s right, you were the one that I read about having this charger. The RC India Gems!


Now connect the battery’s charge plug to the charger.


After letting go, it will show a “System Update, Please Wait,” and stay at that. Find More Posts by SacramentoJoe. Page 1 of 11 1. How do I know when the battery has charged? I’m getting all excited about trying out Lipo. After figuring out how to power it, I was really pleased and decided to try to mannual the balancing as I had seen in forum posts and YouTube videos. Load Data Program battery type you set up.

Maybe you can update it somehow since it says “System Update” as shown in the picture. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

The effective value ranges from 5 to 20mV per cell. Originally Posted by solentlife. Instead of opening the menu, the screen stayed blue and the fan sounded like it slowly kept speeding up. Turnigy accucel-6 charger voltage reading and charging error Batteries and Chargers.

Send a private message to JoeAirPort. Excellent value so far knock on balsa! Page 16 voltage should be matched with the battery being charged. You will also need to use charge leads which are compatible between the battery and charger.


Home Help Calendar Login Register. My 50W version does not have a calibration feature. Upon further inspection, I realized that mine must be a newer model.

Too easy to overcharge a cell and ruin it. This shows the number of cells you set up and the processor detects. So far It’s been fantastic!! For charge leads, I think he’s talking about the output ports of the charger to the Positve and Negative wires of the battery.

Set up the charge current for manual charge mode, or the current limit for automatic charge mode. Set ampere to 0. Here’s some specs and a link to the website. Discharging Lithium Battery The screen shows the present situation during charge process.

I believe it may have been a few hundredths of a volt off. Mar 06, Page 12 The screen shows the present situation during charge process. I contacted turnigy, but haven’t received a response yet. Send a private message to mrbigg. They even include a glow plug igniter charger! You could calibrate the original 50watt 5amp model.