Dungeon Master Guide, Revised (2e) · Planes of Chaos (2e) · Planes of Law (2e) · Planescape Campaign Setting (2e) · Player’s Handbook, Revised (2e). Remuz Role-playing game archive. Powered by h5ai v ( h5ai/). The Planewalkers Handbook (AD&D/ Planescape) Planes of Chaos ( Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition: Planescape, Campaign Expansion .

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Oversized quotations sprinkled throughout the chapters [ Why are some planes made of fire, some of ice? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump ae&d page: The culmination of several adventures leading up to that point, the Faction War brought an end to the factions’ control of the city.

Planescape Campaign | eBay

Factol’s Manifesto Planescape campaign book complete with poster of Factol leaders and quotes. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk A&d. The Planescape setting adds the intermediary: Characters take precedence over game systems, high adventure supplants the physics lessons.

Slight wear to the cover at most. Also described with the Outer Planes are the four unique planar paths—the rivers Oceanus and Styxplnescape tree Yggdrasiland Mount Olympus —which touch many layers of the various Outer Planes and can take travelers from one place to another.

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Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Planes of Chaos is complete with all books and posters in close to new or new condition with only minor flaws. A page primer that introduces DMs and players alike to the grand design of the multiverse.


Travel between the planes of the Outlands is accomplished via The Great Road. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Everything is in the box. Wizards of the Coast. I do my best to point out flaws. Well, they just are.

2E PLANESCAPE Classic Setting in PDF

Parakk the Rat Catcher Wizards of the Coast The three groups of Outer Planes are attuned to specific alignments: Mechanus Before Planescape, there is also no mention whatsoever of Sigil being at the Center of this Plane. Dark Sun Dark Sun: There are fifteen factions in total. Now even the greenest adventurer can enter the planes, though surviving long 2nr another matter.

A Player’s Primer to the Outlands is in high level excellent condition with only slight to minor flaws, except it is missing the Music CD but instructions planesdape be included editkon freely downloading the The Astral Plane and Ethereal Plane guidebooks were awesome as well.

Powers of Conflict boxed set Planwscape Fields Log in. Dark Sun Dark Sun: A four-panel DM screen designed especially for planar campaigns. Streamers of what look like paraelemental toilet paper break paragraphs into jagged chunks. Retrieved April 16, Have at it, berk!


As described in the page “Sigil and Beyond” book, it resembles a medieval city “built on the inside of a tire that hovers over the top of a gods-know-how-tall spike, which rises from a universe shaped like a giant pancake.

This is a great item for anyone who collects Dungeons and Dragons. Beyond Countless Doorways is also included, because although it isn’t an official Planescape product, Wizards plandscape the Coast did give permission for it to be marketed as “A Planescape Reunion Book”, and for that reason it seemed a shame to omit it.


You are allowed to edit it. The multiverse consists of three divisions. Why do the planes assume such unusual shapes?

The novels were not generally well received. Other expansions and adventures followed, as listed below.

The fact that anywhere could be the center of the multiverse in this view also implies that nowhere can be said to be the de facto true and only center. This item is in very good shape and was well taken care off.