I do not remember when or where I met Professor Amalendu Guha (AG) for the first time, though this should have been probably some time in the late s or. (Amalendu Guha, ). I. Prominent Marxist historian, revolutionary, poet and a litterateur from. Assam – Dr Amalendu Guha – passed away at the age of 91 in. Amalendu Guha is the author of Planter Raj To Swaraj ( avg rating, 9 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Planter Raj to Swaraj – Freedom Struggle &.

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Secondly, Guha developed and guhx the Marxian interpretation of cultural history and the history of ideas. Guha in his review opined that it is difficult to accept this conclusion by Mathias despite the fact that the internal market was several times bigger than the external market. He made an attempt to estimate handloom production by estimating raw-cotton production, reduced by the volume of exports and consumption in weaving factories The poem ends with this riveting line: They may take some time to appear.

This engagement was evident in the academic research we have cited above, but its poetic expression also demands our attention.

Amalendu Guha (Author of Planter Raj To Swaraj)

In these institutions and while visiting the Delhi School of Economics intermittently, Guha contributed to three major segments of economic history of the colonial period. I do not remember when or where I met Professor Amalendu Guha AG for the first time, though this should have been probably some time in the late s or early s, ajalendu almost certainly in Guwahati.

AG graciously left the package with me, accepting my assurance that the typescript would be returned safe and intact in a week. His interpretation of the history of North East India from a Marxist perspective deeply influenced generations of students who never saw him as a university Professor.

Despite the well deserved though mildly administered admonishment I received, I continued to be in the good books of AG; his goodwill and affection did not waver.

My first clear memory of meeting AG was when he dropped by at my home in the University campus sometime in the early s, accompanied by a common friend. He joined the Assam unit of the All India Students Federation inwhen he was 15 years of age, a high amallendu student. Or again, consider his argument about de-industrialisation.

We do not know in details how this money, the profits from India in particular the wealth of the nabobswas distributed throughout the British economy. Connect with us Contact Us.

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Amalendu Guha

He remained loyal to his beliefs and principles even in death, having donated his body for medical research, spurning all religious observances and rituals associated with the Ceremony of Death. Soon after being sworn in as President in AugustFakhruddin Ali Ahmed visited Assam, his home State, and as to be expected was widely feted by several organisations.

However, exclusion from the higher levels of the universities did not prevent Guha from launching into the research that eventually earned him national recognition. Comments – Hide EPW looks forward to your comments.

The death of Professor Amalendu Guha on May 7,marks the end of an era for several reasons. However, most of the detained persons, including Dr Guha and others, were released within months, following the unilateral declaration of ceasefire by China and the withdrawal of Chinese troops yuha areas they had overrun.

Markedly an optimist, for him poetry was one form of public salutation. His forays into Assam’s history established him as one of India’s foremost economic historians.

Amalendu Guha – Wikipedia

I particularly recall his kind comments when I delivered ghha annual Sakharam Ganesh Deuskar lecture at that Centre. Apart from amaendu papers, two contributions stand out: Although the Centre did not have at that amalendj any formal course amalsndu to a degree, Guha attracted a legion of young researchers and professional colleagues in the s.

Soon, larger national issues, beginning with the nationwide railway strike and the declaration of national emergency, which was causally related to the measures taken to suppress and break the railway strike — though the proximate cause was the judgement of the Allahabad High Court nullifying the election of Indira Gandhi to the Lok Sabha — more or less clinched my wavering mind on whether I should continue to be a teacher of English for the rest of my life, or do something else.

Perhaps he had seen some of the articles and book reviews, much of them poor stuff as they seem in retrospect, that I had begun to contribute while teaching at Gauhati University to Now and Frontierand later to Economic and Political Weeklywhere he was a highly regarded and established writer.

He was also inquisitive about my gkha in South Africa, politically inquisitive unlike most other Indians, who were only interested in knowing if I had met Nelson Mandela. The memory of those visits is painful. That one day India might become synonymous with a brutal repressive machine, hell bent on repressing any kind of nationality aspirations, was amlaendu imaginable in the hearts and minds of that generation. Writing this in mid, I cannot but reflect amalehdu the world that that typescript, indeed that tattered briefcase, represented.


Guha contributed to the field through his doctoral work in at the Indian School of International Studies, New Wmalendu, and his post-doctoral research at the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics in Pune, where he was a Research Fellow and Reader Hence a new interest arose in India in the economic history of British India.

Freedom Struggle and Electoral Politics in Assam: The poisoned arrows of the Dafla are still not purposeless. In fact, his position at the time of the India-China border conflict in led to his arrest under the Preventive Detention Xmalendu.

The few good ones and the many more that could have been New Year smiles: I was in those days teaching at the Gauhati University, which I had joined in earlyand living in the relatively isolated University amalfndu seven miles to the west of the city, midway between the airport and the city proper. Such over-enthusiasm, it seems, is not necessary.

The few obituaries on Professor Guha that have appeared in Indian journals have often referred to him as a Marxist historian.

View the discussion thread. Guba do not want to think too much about my last two visits to AG, in June and November The author left with Amalendu Guha at a demonstration in Guwahati to protest against the visit of George W. It was a small function, an audience of aboutno security hassles of the kind that are the rule now, people moving in and out of the hall, all very informal. Despite being one of the best candidates, he was denied a job at the newly established Gauhati University inand Guha strongly felt that this was because of his leftist ideology.

In course of time the volume and quality of research by historians like Amalendu Guha established colonial economy as a field of study. Get instant amalenndu to the complete EPW archives Subscribe now.