Intuition by Amy A. Bartol, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The tale of Evie and Reed’s complicated romance continues, in the second novel of the Premonition series. Intuition (Premonition, book 2) by Amy A Bartol – book cover, description, publication history.

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Farren Lmao I think intiition teeth will belong to a werewolf but I haven’t gotten there yet. And I can never imagine how extremely difficult it was for Evie not to come running back to him after hearing all those messages. Open Preview See a Problem? They weren’t as pronounced as in the first book, but they are still there and glaringly obvious.

Can’t wait to see what he will do next. Then the ending came Well, this is exactly it. The practice fight scene with Reed was majorly hot. I do not understand the logic in leaving to save people.

Having just finished the novel, I have to tell you the cliffhanger is pure torture, in intuituon really good way! There was, however, the small matter of Thing the Second: The 1st book was good enough to make me buy the second book, but having finished it, it did wear thin in quite a few places.

How he would savor my surrender. You’ll either love Brennus or you’ll hate his guts. If she’s not strong, then she will be relegated to the same fate as this predator whose sickness infects her even now. These angels need to quit fawning all over her and knock some sense into her.


Evie’s time with the Gancanagh was really unsettling, though, and it was painful to see a character I love so intuitiom go through so much torture; especially knowing that somewhere out there Reed was suffering just as much.

She was the one to make the choice, she was the one who left, but I also understand her sadness. No special treatment for the the hero.

I miss Evie and Reed but since they have taken up a staring role in my dreams at night when I close my eyes, I only hope it will be enough to help me survive till the third book comes out.

I’m coming up confused, needless to say. Its a decent cocktail but not a decent act. It will not disappoint. Alone, dying, and desperate, Brennus breaks her bartpl forces her to become someone she doesn’t recognize. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Reed is so perfect. She argues over things that bqrtol won’t help her cause and lays down like a rug on the things she should be standing up for. OMG i thought i was gonna die.

Intuition (The Premonition, #2) by Amy A. Bartol

I am Team Reed all the way and I just want to get rid of Russell!! Yeah, good questions, and you need to barotl to find out. My tears are blinding me. But now, I crave him and he knows that; he aym been counting on my need to end the gnawing pain. I thought, “What has Bartol done to me?! He did capture her, but he also saved Evie and fulfilled her need for vengeance.


I must say that Mrs.

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Imagine that annoyance on a scale exponentially multiplied by four when reading the book. Looking for beautiful books? Sometimes, I want to reach into the book and give her some brains But before those of you who hated New Moon for the reasons I did, do not fret, while the agony of not having Reed for a good portion of the book was overwhelming, the frustration and pain was completely worth it and therefore I forgive Bartol.

I realized I was becoming Evie and going through all the emotions she was going through. I loved the first book, but this one took everything to another level.

I can see and appreciate that.

Idea of this story is not bad, only Evie is probably the worst female character I’ve ever seen. Author of the Secondborn Series: But I kept on searching for Reed. I so can’t wait to read more, you did amazing with Intuition! Learn how your comment data is processed. Iniquity Emily Woo Zeller. Thanks for reading my review!

I thought all the stops were pulled in the first book. I think I need to get my breathing under control for a minute before I begin this review