Apollodorus’s Bibliotheca is the most important extant mythographical work from antiquity, because of both its comprehensive organizational. D. APOLLODORUS THE LIBRARY I vGooQle 3^1 y Google APOLLODORUS Robert in his learned and able dissertation De ApoUodari Bibliotheca (Berlin. Attributed to Apollodorus of Athens (born c. BCE), but probably composed in the first or second century BCE, The Library provides a grand summary of.

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When we turn to the in- ternal nibliotheca furnished by his language, which is the only remaining test open to us, we shall be disposed to place his book much nearer to the earlier than to the later of these dates. Viewed in this light, the delivery of the Thebans from the Orchomenians resembles the delivery bibliohteca the Israelites from the Philistines, and Hercules may well have been the Greek counterpart of Samson, whose historical existence has been similarly dimmed by fable.

See Merry, on Homer, Od. Hesiod represents Aphrodite as bom of the sea-foam which gathered round the severed genitals of Sky Uranus. But Pelias dwelt in Thessaly and married Anaxibia, daughter of Bias, but according to some his wife was Phylomache, daughter of Amphion ; and he begat a son, Acastus, and daughters, Pisidice, Pelopia, Hippothoe, and Alcestis.

In size and strength he surpassed all the offspring of Earth. Poseidon met her and begat two sons, Otus and Ephialtes, who are called the Aloads. That is a huge mountain, from which down to this day they say that blasts of fire issue from the thunderbolts that were thrown.

The Greeks arrive at Tenedos Medea came to Athens, and being there married to Aegeus bore him a son Medus. Mayer, Die Giganten und Titanen, pp.

Full text of “Apollodorus, The library”

The horsekeeper took up both the children and reared them; and the one with the livid pelion mark he called Pelias, and the other Neleus. The subject is fully discussed by Mr. That Eurydice was killed by the bite of a snake on which she had accidentally trodden is mentioned by Virgil Ovid, Hyginus, and the Vatican Mythographers. Zeus conquers the Titans and divides the kingdom with his brothers, ii.

These with Jason as admiral put to sea and touched at Lemnos.

Apollodorus – Classics – Oxford Bibliographies

The daughters of Proetus are cured of their madness by Melampus, ii. Battle of the Centaurs and Lapiths, 21 Zeno- bius. Nevertheless, relying on his own excellent judgment, profound knowledge of Greek, and long experience of the ways of copyists, he produced a sound text, cor- rected in places by his conjectures.


Likewise he put away the sinews there also, hidden in a bearskin, and he set to guard them the she-dragon Delphyne, who was a half-bestial maiden. Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in apolldoorus public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. Now the gods had an oracle that none of the giants could perish at the hand of gods, but that with the help of a mortal they would be made an end of.

This of itself entailed at least temporary banishment on the homicide.

But as Demophon — for that was the child’s name — grew marvelously by day, Praxithea watched, and discovering him buried in the fire she cried out; wherefore the babe was consumed by the fire and the goddess revealed herself. The identification of the sea-bird ceyx is doubtful. To take ApoUodorus, for example, as a type of the common man, there is not the least indication that he drew any distinction in respect of truth or probability between the very different kinds of narrative which he included in the Library, To him they seem to have been all equally credible ; or if he entertained any doubts as to their credibility, he carefully suppressed them.

But Diomedes conveyed the corpse to Argos and buried him in the place where now a city is called Oenoe after him. So Apollo was judged the victor and despatched Marsyas by hanging him on a tall pine tree and stripping off his skin. From the thighs downward he had huge coils of vipers, which when drawn out, reached to his very head and emitted a loud hissing.

Neoptolemus, on the death of Peleus, succeeds, to the kingdom of Phthia, wi’ests Hermione from Orestes, and is killed at Delphi, As to the drug with which Jason was to anoint himself, see further Pindar, Pyth. Michel, Rectieil Tlnscriptions Qrecqites, p. Dittenberger Berlin,No. Nothing could well be further from the spirit and method of the mythographer, who in the Library has given us a convenient summary of the traditional Greek myth- ology without making the smallest attempt either to explain ‘or to criticize it.


According to the last of these writers, Athamantia was a plain in Thessaly. Foucart, Le culte des Hiros chez lea Oreca, pp. Traditional references simply instance “the Library and Epitome “.

The preface to the first volume is dated February, ; the preface to the fifth volume is dated November, He is called Eleusinus by Hyginus, Fab. According to Hesiod, a brazen anvil would take nine days and apollodrus to fall from heaven to earth, and nine days and nights to fall from earth to Tartarus. Certainly Tzetzes was well acquainted with the Hhrary of Apollodorus and drew upon it largely in his learned commentary on Lycophron.

But she invoked the gods by whom Jason had sworn, and after often upbraiding him with his ingratitude she sent the bride a robe steeped in poison, which when Glauce had put on, she was consumed with fierce fire along with her father, who went to her rescue.

He had a single vein extending from his neck to his ankles, and a bronze nail was rammed home at the end of the vein. The statement of Apollo- dorus in the present passage suggests that according to local tradition Pluto dragged down his bride to hell through the same chasm. The text is transmitted mostly intact but the last portion from the middle of the account of Theseus onward is preserved only in two overlapping but not coextensive Byzantine epitomes.

bibliitheca It would not, therefore, be surprising if he had made an abridgment of it for his own use or that of his pupils. The Eastern Melanesians believe that living people can go down to the land of the dead and return alive to the upper world.

The Library, Volume I

Sophocles made the story the theme of a satyric drama called GedaUoriy of which a few fflkgments have come down to us. But Deucalion, floating in the chest over the sea for nine days and as many nights, drifted to Parnassus, and there, when the rain ceased, he landed and sacrificed to Zeus, the god of Escape. Hunt London,p. See Clement of Alexandria, Protrept, ii.