Arresting Developments by In love with a Crooked Smile Chasing Fire by owenic. There Will be Blood by johnnyboy7. Do Over by Tkegl (now. I also love Harry Potter but for some reason I can not get in to Harry Fanfics. Well anyway I Arresting Developments by In Love with a Crooked Smile. Violet by. And I had no idea what kind of garbage had come out of her mouth before She said that you told some of your friends in Boston that you were pretending to love your son’s mother so that . I asked Bella with a crooked grin.

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Don’t ever doubt that. I looked over to see her close her eyes and lean her head against the window. Anything you say or do can be held against you in a court of law.

In Love With A Crooked Smile « TwiFanfictionRecs

This could not be happening. Doctorward with a cute kid for anhanninen’s birthday. It’s been a rough few weeks, but I think it’s all going to work out, you know? Holding it Together Bella wanted to fulfill a fantasy — to be groped inside a crowded train. I didn’t want to go anywhere near her crotch if I could help it.

A realistic look of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Looking for a story reviews Wtih and Edward meet at a club and have a one night stand it turns out that he arrestinv the professor that she is a teaching assistant for.

I’ve loved Bella since I was twelve. After I finally figured out what was happening I voiced my suspicions to you on several occasions. The lab results just came in today so they’re still trying to put things together, but it might explain some things.


I’m not even kidding when I say that she will do everything in her power to tear you two apart. Agent who is immediately drawn to Bella, the Parole Officer, who happens to be a magnet for ridiculous situations.

Are you coming over for dinner? Her skin welted up immediately and I had to run to the main house for the first aid kit. One grabbing him roughly and cuffing him behind his back.

My fingers stopped moving dmile I closed my eyes. I had just started washing my hair when I heard the door to the bathroom latch and moments later I felt soft hands touching my back. Come on, I know the cuffs do it for you.

Like she actually believed her own story. Read, […] imarieswancullenRead on Fanfiction. I put my arm around my sister and she rested her head on my shoulder. He had a thousand mile stare in his eyes and every time he would blink I wondered if they would open again.

Cop/Agentella – TwiFanfictionRecs

She was pulling her new clothes out of the bags. Tanya did as Smlle asked. When dinner was finished, Bella and I took the plates into the kitchen while Jasper and Alice took Charlie down to the basement. I know I wasn’t exactly the world’s best boyfriend to Tanya, but fucking Christ, I couldn’t be solely the one responsible for what she had become, could I?

Cop/Agentella – TwiFanfictionRecs

I swore right there and then, that if I could avoid it, I would never, ever, allow Charlie or any other kids Bella and I had in that fucking thing. I’m sorry I wasn’t a better friend for her after we left. Site design, programming and management by Galactus Information Technologies. I ended up having to call Heidi in to put him in the papoose and hold his head. I don’t why because she isn’t really in the books that much but just the though of her sinking her teeth into Edward makes me gag.


Every time I got anywhere near him with the tweezers he started shrieking like a lovs banshee. He might be a detective. Now that I know what happened with Bella I understand completely.

I spent years parading her in front of you, figuring you’d eventually get used to her being around and your obsession with her would disappear. This is a free clinic for people who don’t have any fucking money,” I growled, throwing one of the paper blankets at her.

The Aftermath of Assumptions Officer Bella is a bartender and Undercoverward is a bouncer at a strip club called the Drunk Tank. I hated seeing her like that.

We don’t have time. I was frustrated; I was angry. Once my father’s dream and now my own…but daddy never once mentioned a potential God of a partner that you so desperately want to slap the shit out of wihh minute and then lick the next!

I wanted to break something.

They’re already keeping an eye on things because of this fuckhead that seems to be following Bella. Crookec didn’t even look.

I should have stayed.