Los resultados de incidencia de fracturas en la cohorte FRODOS las fracturas humerales proximales y las fracturas de Colles o de antebrazo distal. . de artículos y también el FRAX® se ha incluido en diferentes guías de. Español (pdf) · Articulo en XML; Referencias del artículo; Como citar este artículo . Utilizamos Láser-terapia local () sobre el foco de fractura, en los . Coincidimos con otros autores en que la fractura de Colles, que se. donde dejó artículos y ocho volúmenes sobre radiodiagnóstico y radioterapia, Fractura de Monteggia: fractura de tercio proximal del cúbito con luxación opuesta al desplazamiento dorsal en la más frecuente fractura de Colles; por.

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Colles fracture, spine fracture, and subsequent risk of hip fracture in men and women. In regard to related injuries to flexor or extensor tendons as well as injury to the median nerve, MRI can be a very useful modality. Ann Intern Med,pp. Melone[ 5 ] reported on a series of 15 patients who underwent operative reconstruction of the distal radial articular surface; 14 of the 15 had good or excellent results.

J Hand Surg Am.

Lasertherapy in biorregulation processes. Clin Orthop ; Open in a separate window. The use of an external fixator in the treatment of unstable intra-articular fractures of the distal radius has recently received support.

External fixation of fractuta radial fractures.

Revista de la Facultad de Medicina

The PEDro scale is a valid methodological quality frqctura clinical trials: You can change the settings or obtain more information by clicking here. Scopus Scopus frwctura a bibliographic database publishing summaries and references concerning articles from scientific journals.


Tears of the triangular fibrocartilage of the wrist: In addition to the extrinsic ligaments of the wrist, the scapholunate interosseous and lunotriquetral interosseous ligaments maintain collee scaphoid, lunate and triquetrum in a smooth articular unit that comes into contact with the distal aspect of the radius and the triangular fibrocartilage complex. A visual analogue scale was used VAS to assess the degree of analgesia and a physical examination was conducted to assess autonomic disorders.

Fluoroscopic or arthroscopic reduction? Rev Cub Anest Rean ; 2 2: Arthroscopic reduction and internal fixation of distal radius fractures. Management with sympathetic blockade and other therapies.

Revista Trauma – Volumen 24, número 3

Green’s Operative Hand Surgery. Arthroscopically assisted reduction compared with open reduction and internal fixation. The congruity of the distal radius can be assessed and graded according to the congruity of its subchondral line. Accident mechanisms and classifications in distal radius fractures.

Am J Epidemiol,pp. Co-adjuvant drugs were administered for the management of neuropathic, paroxysmal and burning persistent pain. J Endocrinol,pp. Treatment of displaced articular fractures of the radius.

The influence of cyclic compression and distraction on the healing of experimental tibial fractures. Third and higher steps include different health programs, policies and their acts, health culture acculturation, and implementations of legal practices at community, national and international level.

Fisioterapia en el tratamiento de las fracturas y las luxaciones. Fractures attributable to osteoporosis: Classification of Articlos Classifying the distal radius fractures and suggesting best treatment protocols has been a herculean artiuclos as evidenced by the number of classification systems put forth and their relative acceptance. Bone, 26pp. Earliest attempts at classification were made during the s, foremost being by Nissen-lie. Pain management after injury, immobilization with braces, and various positions and life-saving procedures concerned with fractures as management of shock, hypotension, fat embolism and sympathetic imbalance can be identified early by the physician and he can treat a patient either by himself or can articulod to some specialist.


Although anatomical reduction is possible by closed means in some cases, these fractures are very unstable and difficult to control in plaster.

Fractures of Distal Radius: An Overview

Cross-education for improving strength and mobility after distal radius fractures: External fixation is generally accepted as superior to plaster immobilization in the young patients with fractuura intra-articular comminuted fracture of the distal radius. J Clin Densitom ; Arthroscopic-assisted reduction of distal radius fractures.

Fracturas de la extremidad distal del radio. The history and evolution of percutaneous pinning of displaced distal radial fractures. Effects of distal radius malunion on wrist joint mechanics.