U Autek Research QF-1 $ SOLD Audio Filter This Autek Research QF-1 audio filter features: Peak, Notch and Low Pass. Input is via a hard wired ¼. Autek Research, PO Box , Wesley Chapel, FL USA. () RF1 RF ANALYST. The pocket-sized RF1 is designed. Hi, I have for sale one used Autek Research model RF-1 antenna analyser. It works well and is great for analysing antennas in the field.

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In all other data displays, the reactance or phase angle is always shown as an unsigned number. Note that it is not necessary to solder to the banana plug since the screw holds the wire firmly.

This RF, when presented to the antenna analyzer, can upset the reading. Make sure that the external power supply has very low ripple and noise. On this web page, I claim in several places that these analyzers do not report the sign of the reactance. What do we know about that circuit? If it tf-1 it is a very useful and practical device for any ham shack. Dan’s article, T-Time for the Analyzersis on page 40 of the compendium.

All of the autdk are sensitive autekk low battery voltage. I suspect that many of my unexplained measurement discrepancies were due to sloppy measurement techniques. It wasn’t designed as a VFO. This makes it less useful for use while tweaking a control, since uatek takes a few seconds to see the updated data there is a special SWR mode that updates quickly, and produces an audio tone in proportion to the SWR.


These are completely enclosed termination resistors with an integrated BNC connector. Please click on the picture for a larger view.

Parts are most accurately tested by connecting directly to the coax connector. Use a small frequency change so that Z does not go through a maximum or minimum The resistors may also be used as loads tor testing baluns, lines, etc. If you use excessive test lead length, you will certainly auutek as much error as any error already in the analyzer.

Their actual measured values are shown in the table.

Excellent unit, great for field day and portable rf1. By itself, the hard-to-read display is a sign of trouble. Make the leads as short as possible to minimize stray inductance and capacitance.

This approach is complicated by the difficulty of obtaining accurate reference inductors and capacitors. A stub open or shorted tranmission line has almost zero R. Classifieds Detail

In testing the meter we often came across readings that “couldn’t be right. In our opinion, anyone who’s bought an RF-1 should also invest in this “classic” antenna book. To be on the safe side, I would reject lines that showed large deviations from published parameters.

RF-1 Response at 3. If harmonic distortion is not critical, the pad is not needed. If the reactance accuracy ajtek not a function of the reactance sign, then the accuracy in rg-1 inductors and capacitors will be the same.

The key is that the load must have an SWR near 1: The other analyzers do not specify any special test leads.

This is true for all three analyzers. They are clearly trying to do the job, and in most cases, come darn close.


No wonder r-1 company went out of business – they must have told their assemblers to cut back on the use of solder: Soldering all the pins on components is actually good practice, and improves mechanical stability. I have no doubt that this influenced the readings. I disassembled the unit more rff-1 three times and found: For that reason, I tend to think of the analyzer as not reporting the sign of the reactance, but if you are willing to use the Data Screen, and be careful under 8 degrees, the unit does report indeed the sign.

Autek RF1 RF Analyst

The circuit board should be hold in place with 4 screws. Batteries seem to last substantially longer in the RF Several software packages exist. It has always served me well, but it works even better now solving a minor problem I had over the years of every once in a while the unit would get real “touchy”. Ignoring transmission line loss for a moment, we know that the SWR measured at the input of the cable should always be 2.

Check the battery and it was down a little so I changed it.

Classifieds Autek RF-1 Analyzer

The short answer is probably no. Dan has made a number of other contributions in the area of transmission line analysis. Would not hesitate to buy from Autek again.