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Add sugar or other sweetener. How to whip egg whites? Carol and Pam Stiles, Healthykitchens. Minces or chops meat or vegetable with coarse fibers.

Immerse the cutter guard.

How to make fruit ice cream? Why are there fruit pieces in the bottom of the jug after preparing a fruit ice cream? Make sure you are using a clean, dry jug. The Bamix will centrifuge all the bits. Serve immediately or freeze for later use. Immerse the cutter guard and switch on the second position.

It causes the small pieces outside of reach to remain unprocessed. Decipes an olive oil mayonnaise, just add tablespoons olive oil in the end.

Fill the water in a tall, narrow container. Immerse the cutter guard and switch on the first position. Switch the Bamix on the second position, before the cutter guard comes in contact with the frozen bzmix.


Food – EN

There is no need to stir. Hold the Bamix inside the liquid, in the middle of the pot. Click here for more Bamix Tips and Tricks Videos. Used to process hard foods or big quantities.

Is it possible to process fruits or vegetables reclpes liquids? Babyfood, ice cream, soups, juices, breads, short crust pastry, brioche, flavored butter. It blocks the blade, so that it cannot rotate.

Grinds and minces spices, nuts, grains, cooffee, sugar, salt; Ice, cheese; Bread Crumbs, herbs and citrus peels.


For the volume of egg, pour at least times oil. Process to the desired consistency. How to whip cream? With quick up and down movements, puree the ingredients to the desired degree. Minces, chops, purees, mixes and stirs raw or cooked vegetables; Ice or nuts; Sauces, soups, Juices; Shakes and smoothies; Heavy batters and doughs. Always choose fresh eggs. First switch on the Bamix on the second position. Fill the milk in a tall, narrow jug. As the whites have reached the maximum volume, dip back in and repeat the process until firm.

The layer should not be higher than 8cm. Stirs, mixes and emulsifies light batters, dressings, Drinks or cocktails; Sauces and creams. How to crush ice? Add some hot water if necessary. Yes, but the olive oil leaves a bitter after taste. Hold the Cutter guard just under the milk surface.


What could be wrong? Where each egg needs a slightly different amount of oil to compensate its water content. Clean the vegetables and cup onto 2cm pieces. Poke in the Bamix and switch the second position. Asparagus, spinach, rhubarb and other fibrous vegetables. Place all ingredients in a jug. Raw, cooked or frozen fruits, meat, vegetables, nuts, legumes or cheese. Switch on the Bamix in the second position, before the cutter guard gets in contact with the ice.

Push the attachment as straight as possible on to the stub in such a way recopes the drive pin on the stub fits exactly into the small recess in the socket of the attachment. With fast up and down movements, crush the fruits. The attachment is removed by simply pulling it off from the stub. Heat up the milk, attach the Beater. Grind to the desired degree. Make sure the amount of whites is enough to cover the dome of the cutter baamix.

Put the frozen fruits in a tall jug. To successfully whip low fat milk, make sure the container used is clean and dry: