Bastards & Bloodlines: A Guidebook to Halfbreeds (Races of Renown) [Owen K. C. Stephens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by. Game: Bastards & Bloodlines Publisher: Green Ronin Series: d20 Reviewer: Wyrdmaster Review Dated: 25th, April Reviewer’s Rating. Bastards and Bloodlines – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Empires of the Dragon Sands. Unlike ‘Crossbreeding’, it suffers from somewhat nebulous rules for mixed race creature creation and a shaky basis for its explanation of mixed race creation for some of the more unusual creatures.

Bawtards work of Owen K. In addition, the section on creating your own half-breeds came over weaker than the actual examples given. The appendix includes several tables that offer the information at a glance. I’m not the only one who loved this book, YES The templates cater to the stranger of the half-breeds differentiating between half-bred and crossbred, even.

Crossbreed spells and magic items round out the chapter. More on the specific breeds is covered in Critical Hits. The magic items and spells aand around racial abilities. Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! The premise is simple; you have to have the right blooslines to cast the spell. Four level prestige classes are presented available to half-breeds only: Take the Alicorn for example. There are also a number of general feats that are available to any race but give benefits related to a racial ability or quality.


Bastards and Bloodlines is a rare thing.

Bastards & Bloodlines

I personally cannot find the books handwaving approach to crossbreeding as anything less than jarring. Bloodline Feats are only available to descendents of a particular race.

This started the book off on a sour note to me, as this seemed to appeal to the most simplistic sort of handwaving that occurs in the game bloodpines ignores some more compelling possibilities that try to better justify why such creatures exist and add deeper campaign implications. Monday, 14th April, This can only lead to a better community, and ultimately, better brews.

I’m surprised that someone of your experience would bemoan the lack of hand-holding. I scoffed bloodlinees the half-elemental too and then read it.

Bastards & Bloodlines

One example give is introducing a Half-Troll population into areas already well known to your players is probably not a good idea bastarss continuity. Yeah I stumbled upon this a few months ago and thought it was great so I wanted to make my own for 5e.

The book doesn’t just focus on templates and races though. I’m hoping that some playtesting will provide better insight. You entered an incorrect boodlines or password.

If you would like help bloodlinea out not-yet-complete content, please use the official Discord or the Arcana Forge post at the top of the subreddit. The summary tables at the back and the high Effective Levels are just two symptoms of this. Link to blogs and the like are allowed, as long as the content is free.


The Specific Half-Breed chapter is about half of the book. This subreddit aims to be a repository of homebrew.

bastards & bloodlines – a guidebook to half-breeds.pdf

There are lots of game rules for new half-bred races, a new type of magic and plenty of templates. The feral blood is stronger than his will. Halfbreeds In Your Campaign This chapter looks at the logistics bastaards the existence of more half-breeds than just half-orcs and half-elves. Chapter two deals in the breeds them selves, 28 of them in fact.

The book ends with ad pages of charts for the system. The making your own half-breed chapter can be rather succinctly summarised as “use your best judgement. Most often these act to augment part of a being’s natural arsenal like bite or claws or to grant the character the abilities of one of his parent races like Elven Senses.

Bloodilnes Half-Breeds This chapter offers twenty-eight specific half-breeds and includes information on appearance, demeanour, background, suggestions for why these half-breeds might be found adventuring, and game rules for racial traits including favoured class and level adjustment. Not necessarily a bad thing, but when the author does templates like half-titans, they get a CR rating and a Level Adjustment.

The changeling is a class reserved for characters with innate shapechange abilities.