A wonderful masterpiece for daily contemplation and meditation for aspirants of advaita vedanta. Brahma Jnanavali Mala. Adi Sankaracharya. Sankaracharya – Brahma Jnana Vali Mala. Brahma Jnanavali Mala(Sanskrit) – Adi Shankaracharya – Chanting session by Swami Sandeep Chaitanya Duration: . Brahm Gyan Poetic Txt by shikha in Types > Creative Writing, vedic, and poetic.

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The work entitled Brahma Jnanavali Mala, jnanavxli hearing which just once knowledge of Brahman is attained, enables all to attain liberation. There are two things which are different from each other.

I am formless, indestructible and changeless. Newer Post Older Post Home. I am ever liberated. I am of the nature of supreme bliss. There is neither mAyA brhma its effects such as the body for me.

I am the self of all. I am different from the gross, subtle and causal bodies. I am free from the three kinds of afflictions- those in the body, those from other beings and those caused by jnanaval powers. I am beyond the three g unas-sattva, rajas, and tamas.


Brahma Jnanavali Mala

I am without any support, and I am the support of all. I am not a doer nor an experiencer. I am beyond all the different forms. Unattached am I, unattached am I, ever free from attachment of any kind; I am of the nature of Existence-Consciousness- Bliss. Likewise, the entire universe is nothing but Brahman.

This is proclaimed by Vedanta. I am pure consciousness, I revel in my own Self. I am the directly intuited self. I am devoid of parts. I am the ancient, eternal one. I am eternal, I am pure free from the control of mAyA.

Advaita – Nonoduality: Brahma Jnanavali Mala by Adi Sankaracharya

I am of the nature of infinite bliss. He who realizes after repeated contemplation that he is a mere witness, he alone is liberated.

A wonderful masterpiece for daily bramha and meditation for aspirants of advaita vedanta. I have no desires to be fulfilled.

I am the supreme Self, beyond all the categories such as prakRtiti, mahat, ahankAra, etc. I am the very Self, indestructible and changeless. Brahma satyam jagan mithya jivo brahmaiva naparah. I am of the same nature and self-luminous.

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Brahma Jnanavali Mala

The seer is Brahman and the seen is mAyA. I am the supreme light. He is the enlightened one. I am the inner controller, I am immutable, I am all-pervading. I am of the nature of pure consciousness.

I am myself the supreme Self. I am a mass of awareness and of consciousness. I am the witness of the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep. I am of the nature of indivisible concentrated bliss. I am beyond mAyA.

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