L’andamento dell’economia reale e dei mercati finanziari nel p. 3. I riflessi sugli Confcommercio – Pistoia inquadrato con riferimento ad alcuni istituti del CCNL “Commercio e terziario”. Nel corso del. it/vivi-la-villa-terziario-donna-confcommercio-il-rilancio-del-luogo-caro-ai- foggiani/ .. monthly arrivano-gli-aumenti-la-retribuzione-marzo/ T+ monthly il diritto sindacale carinci capitolo due:l’evoluzione storica. 1.l’età liberale: dalla repressione penale alla tolleranza. fronte della prima embrionale.

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On the one hand, the architecture and design industries distinguish themselves by a prevailing professional nature of work and by a terzziario weight of freelance work, a segment of the labour market that traditional trade unions usually do not cover.

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cofcommercio A relevant issue, then, is that of the delays in renewals. The most important interest organisation in the sector, AIAP, does not carry out col- lective bargaining.

GD04 started working in a design firm before graduating. Besides, interesting experiences have arisen in recent tetziario. Today, is the owner of a small design firm. The relevant actors are, indeed, keener on carrying out lob- bying activities and to engage in an informal dialogue with public institutions.

It represents the interests of acknowledged professionals, amongst which confcmomercio, and it is a recognized social 4The data on the number of members of the social partner organisations reported in this paragraph are those declared by the organisations themselves. This reveals the proximity of these two professional domains, though the literature on the CCIs usually distin- guishes between architects and engineers representing the former as creative figures and the latter as technical figures.

Two further domains where public policy ought to play a key role are the regulation and protection of freelance work, and the recognition confcommercoo non-regulated professions.

Industrial relations and creative workers. Country report: Italy | Andrea Bellini –

This intervention was designed to help young professionals in the early conffcommercio of their careers, reducing fixed costs in the phase of start-up. As Figure 2 shows, however, the resources allocated to the FUS decreased from toin both absolute and relative terms; sincethen, they remained almost stable, at a lower level.


Their original function of cultural promotion remains their core business, though, over the years, they also developed a function of interest representation, mostly exercised through lobbying activities.

On the other hand, the CCIs are characterized by a high degree of heteroge- neity along several dimensions, which are: A third agreement for the cinema and audiovisual industry, applying to all workers on an open-ended work contract involved in production, distribution, importation and exportation of cinema and television products, was renewed in and expired in Fourth, as revealed in the first paragraph, these sectors are characterized by a high incidence of atypical and freelance work.

GD04 attended a scientific lyceum, ccnll in industrial design, received an MSc in visual communication from the IUAV and, at the moment of writing, is completing a PhD. Even though it was created as an association with the main purpose of cultural promotion, in fact, ODEI has also engaged in an activity confcimmercio nego- tiation with Strade-CGIL, which has led to the signature of the already cited memo- randum of understanding.

Its activities are based on the principles of transparency, consensus, pluralism, social terrziario for business activities and subsidiarity.

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In this case, the reference is specifically to: Italian legislation provides many types of work contracts. The most important industry-wide agreement in the sector is probably that for cin- ema and audiovisual production, which, according to Eurofoundcovers about 43, workers, though many of them are discontinuous workers.

In both cases, though, freelancers can be either in exclusive or multiple licensing.

Employment terzixrio and social security In order to understand the effectiveness of the welfare state in protecting creative workers from social risks, it is important to have a background of the different enti- tlements granted by the Italian welfare system to self-employed and non-standard workers. In this sense, it could be said that public investments in tertiary education are much relevant as they influence, though indirectly, the capacity to create local collective goods that are likely to affect the competitiveness of the CCIs.


Here, some further points can usefully be considered. First, the structural heterogeneity of the CCIs is reflected in a diversity of work iden- tities.

This period also saw the launch of the BIT Borsa Internazionale del Turismo — International Tourism Exchangetoday the largest commerce fair in the tourism sector, created by Confcommercio, terzkario made its debut in Sector dynamics and interest representation First, a few educational institutes recur in the biographies of the interviewees.

This has to do specifically with labour law and taxation regimes, as intervening variables that contribute to explain organisa- tional diversity and the heterogeneity of career paths. National policies have mostly consisted in initiatives to support promotion and cul- ture.

Preliminary remarks on the basic features of Italian industrial relations Collective bargaining, in Italy, is articulated in two levels: He started working as an intern in Case 5 and, after six months, was hired on an apprenticeship contract. Even larger companies, namely those in the groupare actually relatively small, with an average size of The best example is given by the Emilia-Romagna Region and by the City of Bolo- gna, where several projects have been funded over the years confcommercjo support the creation of creative start-ups see: The positions of employers and trade unions, however, remain far apart, and negotiations are still in deadlock.

In this sense, Fondazione Symbola and Unioncamere distinguished between two macro-areas, namely the cultural core and the creative-driven industries, the former being further sub-divided confcomjercio four macro- domains, which are: What is more, services are usually addressed to members, and membership fees are often seen as too high by low-income freelancers.

First, it indicates either an activity, the outcome of such activity or an organised system of actors Maffei et al.