The D-Link DAP Wireless N Range Extender can provide your wired network with Mode enables the DAP to connect to another access point. Connect to a Wireless Network. The D-Link DAP Wireless N Access Point connects to a broadband modem enabling you to wirelessly share your Internet. The D-Link ® Wireless N Range Extender (DAP) is designed for users looking to create a new wireless network or easily extend coverage of an existing .

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Click Save to finish the Setup Wizard. Wireless The wireless section allows you to view the wireless clients that are connected to your wireless access point. Connect your Ethernet-enabled device to the AP using an Ethernet cable.

Delivering superior wireless performance, clarity, and coverage, the Wireless N Range Extender DAP is an ideal solution for creating or extending a home or office wireless network. Click on Browse to locate the firmware file to be used for the kanual. What Is Wireless Wirelrss is the worldwide leader and award winning designer, developer, and manufacturer of networking products.

If a material non-conformance is incapable of correction, or if D-Link determines in its sole discretion that it is not practical to replace the non-conforming Software, the price paid by the original licensee for the non-conforming Software will be refunded by D-Link; If you want to enter your settings without running the wizard, click Wireless Setup on the left side and skip to page Statistics The DAP keeps statistics of the traffic that passes through it.

This feature is used to secure or restrict your local network.

D-Link DAP-1360 User Manual

Please be aware that any changes to the factory default settings may affect the behavior of your network. Start WPS on the wireless device you are adding to you wireless network to complete the setup. This feature allows you to change the LAN settings. The APs and wireless router if used must be within range of each other. Click Save Settings at the top of the window to save your settings.


If the AP is rebooted, the logs are automatically cleared. Wireless Repeater – Extend your existing wireless network coverage to reach greater distances across your home or office. For example, if there are two wired LANs separated by a small courtyard, it would be expensive to bury cables to connect between the two sides together.


If the IP address stops responding to pings, your AP will be rebooted. EAP is built on a more secure public key encryption system to ensure that only authorized network users can access the network. In order for your network settings to take effect AP will reboot automatically. Repeater Mode In Repeater mode, the DAP increases the range of your wireless network by extending the wireless coverage of another AP or wireless router.

Troubleshooting Llnk 6 – Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This chapter provides solutions to problems that can occur during the installation and operation of the DAP A blinking green light indicates data is A blinking pink condition indicates wireless being transferred through the LAN port.

Page 82 It may take seconds to connect to the wireless network. Section sccess – Configuration Configuration This section will show you how to configure your manuxl D-Link wireless access point using the web-based configuration utility. You can also select an option to have the DAP send an e-mail alert if the specified IP address stops responding to pings. Section 3 – Configuration The following screen will show you your network key to enter on your wireless clients.

Keep the number of walls and ceilings between the D-Link access point and other network devices to a minimum. Page 93 Who uses wireless? Why Wireless N is Better This Wireless N Range Extender uses Wireless N technology with multiple intelligent antennas to maximize the speed and range of your wireless signal to significantly outperform previous-generation Wireless G devices 1.


Products shall be fully insured by the customer and shipped to D-Link Systems, Inc. D-Link is the worldwide leader and award winning designer, developer, and manufacturer of networking products. Don’t have an account?

Got it, continue x print. Strictly adhering to the Accews standard, the D-Link wireless family of products will allow you to securely access the data you want, manuql and where you want it. Select View Available Wireless Networks.

When the device has finished rebooting the main screen will display. If you have a client PC that cannot run Internet applications properly from behind the DAP, then you can set the client up for unrestricted Internet access.

Save Click Save Settings to save and activate the Settings: Click Connect to start the WPS scan. Appendix F – Registration Registration Product registration is entirely voluntary and failure to linnk or return this form will not diminish your warranty rights.

You can find software updates and user documentation on the D-Link website as well as frequently asked questions and answers to technical issues. This will improve the quality of video and voice applications for your wireless clients. If you are configuring the access point with a wireless adapter, you will lose connectivity until adcess enable WEP on your adapter and enter the same WEP key as you did on the access point.

Click Save Settings to save your settings. dwp

For detailed warranty information applicable to products purchased outside the United States, please contact the corresponding local D-Link office. This easy setup method allows you to form a secured wireless link between the DAP and another WPS enabled device.

Make sure the firmware you want to use is on the local hard drive of the computer.