Esse interesse é usualmente apresentado como um novo desenvolvimento na teoria antropológica e os seus possíveis antecedentes, como o difusionismo e a . Afora o fato de vir a confirmar que os antropólogos preferem fazer prosa sem . e nas interconexões concretas, quase como uma retomada do difusionismo. Antropología Difusionista. Diego Cubillos; 3 videos; 43 views; Last updated on Mar 31, Play all. Share. Loading Save.

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Durham-London, Duke University Press, Lisboa, Livros do Brasil. In the same vein, his approach to religious syncretism in the New World was not so much interested in singling out equivalences between isolated elements as in stressing the continuity of world views. Recovering the African past would be an important contribution to Black cultural pride and to the combat against racial discrimination: Focusing on the works of Melville Herskovits and Roger Bastide, this article argues for a less biased imaged of acculturation theory and stresses the ways in which some of its achievements can inspire current approaches to cultural globalization.

Globalização: antropologia e religião

The local has not been erased by homogeneous and acculturative globalization. I will give three examples.

But certain increasingly popular forms of tourism are also connected to forms of cultural contact based on the scenic preservation or reinvention of difusionissmo authenticity. New York, Whittlesey House. This interest is usually presented as a new development in anthropological theory and its possible predecessors, such as diffusionism and acculturation theory, dismissed as irrelevant.

Visions, Traditions, and Trends. Given this disciplinary amnesia, the possible contributions of diffusionism and acculturation theory to the anthropological understanding of global flows of people anropologia culture have been often ignored or, in some cases, dismissed as irrelevant to the globalist agenda. Strategies for Entering and Leaving Modernity. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press. Malden, MA-Oxford, Blackwell, Being the dominant mode of ethnographical research among early diffusionists, extensive survey presented a problem: Contemporary anthropology has developed a consistent interest in the study of difusionismk of circulation of people, objects and ideas associated with current cultural globalization.


“The past is a foreign country”? A teoria da aculturação e a antropologia da globalização

Some anthropologists and historians have been actively involved in the identification of such differences within the African-American field of research e. Revista de antropologia social e cultural, arbitrada por pares.

Plano An outline of acculturation theory. Oxford, Polity Press, Anthropology of the Modern World.

Although Herskovits — like most diffusionists — did stress diffusion as the antropplogia mechanism of human history, he did not rule out the idea that in some cases similarities between cultural items might derive from independent invention. Essays on Culture and Personality.

Contextualização da disciplina Antropologia e cultura brasileira – ENGENHARIA

Diifusionismo with the constant production of hybrids and difusonismo forms, the current stage of cultural globalization is thus linked, to quote again Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, to new modes of cultural production that stress boundaries instead of circulation, purity — even if it is an imaginary purity — instead of mixture, immobility instead of movement.

The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: Durham-London, Duke University Press. In the case of diffusionism, Ulf HannerzArnd Schneider and Hans Hahnfor example, have stressed the shared concerns of diffusionists and globalists. From an earlier assimilationist view of acculturation, Herskovits moved to a far more elaborated view of the forms and outcomes of the processes of contact between cultures, in which concepts like convergence, retention, syncretism, reinterpretation and counter-acculturation played a prominent role.


But they stress the fact that a more attentive reading of the classics shows how some of the concerns underlying post-modern re-formulations of culture were not absent from such different authors as Boas, Benedict or Sapir. Living in an Age of Uncertainty.

As antopologia counter-acculturation, Herskovits viewed it as a variant — based on the refusal of external influences — of acculturation. The approach I am advocating is similar. Indeed, ethnological safaris, folklore performances directed towards a tourist audience, some forms of rural tourism, are based on the promise of a cultural contact with unspoiled otherness.

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Essays on Ethnographic Fieldwork.

Difusionisme (arqueologia)

As demonstrated by several authors e. London and New York, Routledge, We have also re-introduced issues of power that acculturation theory has ignored Apter Acculturation theory and the anthropology of globalization.

This is an ongoing process.

Antropologix, Princeton University Press. It is interesting to note that the novelty of this research tool is after all not as absolute as Marcus initially puts it.