DIN VDE Road traffic signal systems; German version HD S1: + A standard by DIN Electrotechnical Standard. DIN VDE – This document has been modified by: DIN VDE /A Relationship to other standards. This document references. DIN/DAkkS-Tagung – Revision von DIN EN ISO/IEC Allgemeine Anforderungen an die Kompetenz von Prüf- und Kalibrierlaboratorien. Tue., Nov.

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Buttons as a standard are furnished with an optical confirmation of the signal but additionally they can be upgraded with an additional button for the blind placed in a lower part of the cover and generating vibrating signal of confirmation.

KRITIS B3S public traffic sector (VDE 0832-700)

Each PLC is responsible for the control of one signal head, furthermore the equipment S receives the pedestrian requests for a green sign. Pedestrian buttons offered by us can be used in any type of traffic lights and they cooperate with many types of controllers.

This includes the entire IT-supported control technology, programming- and parameterization devices, network- telemetry- and remote control technology as well as all programs and applications used. In all solutions for the transport sector, the focus is always on the technical and operational effectiveness vdf the measures.

A small traffic control system was built based on the PLCs containing 3 LED signal heads and button for pedestrian crossing.

We vdd various company divisions in the transport sector in meeting the legal requirements.


A maintenance software is also available to draw new signs, and manage the existing ones. The BSI-KritisV defines threshold values for when a plant is to be regarded as a critical infrastructure. Another asset of polycarbonate is high resistance to petrol, lubricants, hydrocarbons and other chemicals.

This controller can be programmed in JAVA program language and is able to handle the complete language functionality. ISMS in a technically effective way.

Pedestrian buttons – Traffic Systems AB

Pedestrian buttons Pedestrian buttons offered by us can be used in any type of traffic lights and they cooperate with many types of controllers. The controllers are the product of Swarco Traffic Hungaria Ltd.

Processes within the application area deal with the decentralized road traffic signal system, data acquisition, central control and service processes. Third photo shows a screenshot of the maintenace software.

What is in store for you it-sa Oct more lectures The described devices simulate a fixed time signal program with a green request opportunity for pedestrians. The last pictures present the signal heads and the LOGO! Buttons covers are made of high quality polycarbonate — plastics resistant to 032 and characterised with high flexibility. Used material possesses its mechanical qualities within a wide range of temperatures: All types of buttons are yellow RAL — polycarbonate integrally coloured.

In the second figure the wire network can be seen.

The deadline for the implementation and review of the B3S expires in June Arbitrary traffic signs text, pictures can be put on these screens. The threshold value for traffic control and guidance systems in municipal road traffic issupplied inhabitants.


KRITIS B3S public traffic sector (VDE ) – IT-Security

If you do not fall under the threshold values of the BSI Critis Regulation, we offer further solutions tailored to your ein for the transport sector. Depending on a traffic controller there is a possibility to choose version of normally closed contact and normally open contact. Manfred Peine Senior account manager Tel.

The first figure shows an overview of the system. The first picture shows the VMSs, the second one represents a display in operation.

In order to meet the legal requirements to implement and maintain IT security measures in accordance with the “state of the art”, companies that are considered critical infrastructure in the sense of the law must implement the industry-specific safety standard B3S for road traffic.

Our solutions for companies in the road transport sector: The scope of this guideline covers in particular the entire digital infrastructure of road traffic technology with its control and guidance systems.

Special communication protocol of the signs can also be used for dynamic control vdd the screens.

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