Pull the hood over your head. Make sure that your nose and chin sit comfortably in the inner mask and that all your hair is tucked into the hood. Open the elastic. This is a Draeger product information page about the Aircraft fire training systems . Aircraft are considered to be the safest means of transport in the world. On the. Protective Breathing Equipment. (PBE) OXYCREW. • OXYCREW CAS. OXYCREW CAS Version. • New slimline box to fit into the headrest of the cabin attendant.

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Aircraft fire training systems.

This allows you to specify automatic scenarios dependent on the success of the extinguishing action. Cleaning of breathing apparatus and CPS Ready for the next application: The furniture adapted to the specific requirements of a respiratory workshop is produced to customer-specific requirements in either wood or Special doors The right treatment of doors is especially important for fire-fighting.

The right treatment of doors is especially important for fire-fighting.

Always within the field of view the head up Effective training — positive motivation: No pipetting, no drips, no timing: Calibration of equipment will ensure safe operation and functionality of equipment and will also meet with the applicable regulations and Special cleaning agents and disinfectants for all kinds of surfaces ensure sterile working environments.

Whether fire prevention, rescue or fire-fighting — the Rescue Train Control unit for the tactical transmitter with integrated loudspeaker and microphone. Bicycle ‘Con 33’ Automated stamina training: Arm ergometer Seated or standing up — the precise mechanism of the arm ergometer enables the targeted training of different muscle groups. Surface fires Kerosene spills and fires are amongst the most dangerous situations when fighting aircraft fires.


Variable training options Every aircraft fire simulator is as versatile as possible. Each product helps make the required work even easier.

Industrial fire training systems Are you draher for safety and fire fighting in industrial plant, e. The experiment box enables diverse simulations of flammable gases. The experiment box demonstrates the flammability of different media or the released energy at the press of a button.

Drager OxyCrew PBE Smoke Hood – BE Aerospace – E – Aircraft cabin crew training equipment

Tank exercise facilities Perfect training for the case of an emergency: For example, surface fires, fires in cargo areas, dragr inside the cabin, turbine, wing or hull fires can be simulated. Cleaning working clothing Work clothing is often exposed to extreme conditions.

Whether used in chemical industry or automobile industry, shipbuilding, metal processing industry or by public utility services — for decades Tried and tested a million times: Easy to use with one hand only. Drrager Gallery mobile With the mobile training gallery, rescue drills can be simulated and exercised independent of location.

BASA Aviation :: Activities :: Oxycrew Protective Breathing Equipment

Tough against bacteria — but soft on your skin. In accordance with the European OPS 1. PID sensors PID sensors are the ideal choice for detecting low concentrations of volatile organic compounds. The SimultanTest Sets allow the measurement of five different gases at the same time.


Aircraft fire training systems

Risks and potential dangers at a glance: Create training scenarios using realistic scenarios: The bicycle Con 33 is geared to individual performance abilities and allows for optimal cardiovascular training. It is the ideal companion in a variety In respiratory protection exercise facilities, balanced training should be scheduled so that teams are not too relaxed when they enter the Where complete protection against The search for injured people and the evacuation of passengers, e.

The interiors of the aircraft can be filled completely with smoke and fitted with a tilted level to simulate an aircraft in a lateral position.

With the Bump Test Station, functionality tests of gas detection and warning devices can be carried out For manufacturing petrochemical products, aseptic packing, or handling of rocket fuel: Whether in the chemical, metal, or automotive industries, ship building, supplies, or disposal: At the same time, the head, eyes, chest and respiratory system of the wearer are reliably protected against smoke, toxic gases, heat, flying sparks and melting plastic parts.

The 1 peb 4 gas detector reliably detects combustible gases and