Ed Friedland Slap Bass The Ultimate Guide. Instruction on how to play funk bass. Includes Snapping, Popping, Left Hand Integration, Dead. Ed Friedland: SLAP BASS, DVD, Bass, and thousands more titles. ejazzlines has the best selection and prices of jazz in the world!. gone – whew, that was quick thanks! The Ed Friedland “Slap Bass” DVD is a great instruction tool for beginning slappers, accomplished.

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It’s a good choice for the player that already has a solid grasp on the fundamentals. You get to hear one chorus of him, and the camera is right there.

Ed Friedland – Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide

There friedlans many great feeling jazz tracks to play with, including 10 full length standard progressions. There are of course tracks to play with, and all written examples are performed on the CD as well. I use the same basic concept of target and approach notes to show you how to create your own bass lines in a rock context. The reading and technical level are challenging. This book is a compilation of many of my frisdland the trenches” instructional articles from the golden days of Bass Player magazine Metronome Content on my Instruction page.

I need to update this section I discuss blues forms, lines and feels, intros, endings, stops and hits, and include full arrangements of many must-know blues classics like Hideaway, Sweet Home Chicago, Pride and Joy, Tore Down and many more. Taking full advantage of the navigational convenience of DVD, this minute video is packed with essential exercises to develop your chops. Pentatonic Scales For Bass Description: I use this book in many of my jazz workshops.


Ed Friedland « Bass Guru

The Ultimate Guide 6 comments Tags: There are plenty of tracks, as well as 7 full jazz arrangements with intros, endings, solos even for the bass player.

This book starts with quarter-note melodic motifs from categories like “Box Shape”, “Major”, “Minor”, and “Chromatic”, and then morphs them into grooves in Straight 8th, Shuffle 8th, Sixteenth, and Swing Sixteenth rhythms. Jazz jam Session Description: I am NOT the guy on the cover!

BluesCountryFunkJazzRock. The presentation moves at a lively pace and Ed offers solid bsss and many valuable tips gained from his years of experience as a performer and recording artist. You’re not left totally alone, there are many helpful suggestions to prepare you for this seemingly impossible task.

It starts out with rhythmic embellishment – skips, triplets, dead notes and moves into targeting scale and chromatic notes. Ed Friedland breaks the whole Slap technique into easy step by step parts. By the end of this DVD as long as you practice your be a confident slapper.

Book of the Month Brand new!

This is a more global approach to jazz playing. There are several aspects of this program that make it even more valuable than the rest. Designed to help the career-minded bassist develop the most critical real world skills needed to succeed.

Ed Friedland – Guitar Instructor

Blues Jam Session Description: You have to learn them strictly by ear! Books By Ed Friedland. Learning how to program your drum machine and play grooves that fithow to create your OWN funk lines with simple forms, equipment guidance, stylistic nuances of master slappers Larry Graham, Louis Johnson and Marcus Miller and much more.

This book is the rock and roll version of my first book “Building Walking Bass Lines”.


Ed Friedland

All along the way, you learn useful and important musical information. The follow-up to BWBL.

His facial expressions, the way he moved, and his swinging feel are all right there, just like I remember. The Dvd also contains some advanced tricks for the Slapper who may think they may know it all.

It may be boring for many at first, but it gets better quickly. This is the ultimate beginner book. There are activities to help you internalize rhythm; to understand drum parts by programming drum machines; learn how to use the natural tendencies of the instrument to affect the groove; learn 25 different styles of groove written and on CD – with drum parts ; and tips from some of the groovin’est players in the world, and an essay on the metaphysics of the groove.

Coming soon is the companion DVD. Dolby AC3, 2 ch Booklet: You learn about modal playing with a concept I call “Modal Mapping”, playing more outside lines with implied harmony, and other more advanced topics. Designed for the beginning jazz player, this is my first book.

I’ve put my many years of experience playing the blues scene into a practical guide for the up and coming blues bassist.

The exercises are expanded into fun grooves that further work the concepts you’ve ex. This is the perfect tool for the upright bassist friedlznd is new to jazz playing.