EduCALC Mail Store Catalogs Begin 72 catalogs in the archive; 4, pages / 23, index items Longest catalog: #37 () – pages, items. Product Information Booklets, catalogs, and folders listed below provide reliable The illustrated EduCALC catalog tells you just what these machines can do. Palmer Hanson has provided a couple of EduCALC catalogs that are not on the current Museum CD/DVD. I’ve posted the PDF’s from the scans.

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Whichever HP pocket calculator you finally select, you can be assured that it is the finest in its class Well that was a coincidence. I think there was another one like that as well with either the 95LX or the or LX – EduCalc was selling them very well, and when they approached HP to place an order to refill their stock, HP told them that they had temporarily suspended manufacture of the units because they feared that they wouldn’t be able to continue to sell them at that same pace.

They also are not a library of downloadable software. All issues which start with a table of contents on page one have this T. There are different programming languages to choose from – a step-oriented language, an algebraic language and a formal computer language – BASIC.

And, if you occasionally solve repetitive or iterative problems, there are two HP pocket calculators practically “custom made” for you – the programmable HP or HP The options and alternatives are many, allowing you the most flexibility possible in configuring a computing system that best fits your needs.

HP Calculator Heritage Catalog Page :

Also, it is likely that the supplied barcode for many of the programs in the issues will not print of high enough quality to be scanned with an HP41 wand. The additional materials from HHC have been incorporated into. I drove to the store itself about 2 hours away to buy my HPSX in Feel free to contact me via email at jakes pahhc. However, considering how extensively I used it in high school and at college, that I eduxalc own it, and I use it a quarter century later, it proved to be a good investment.


Threaded Mode Linear Mode.

HP 48SX and TI-81 from 1992 EduCALC Catalog (5)

All files are in the pdf format and thus these disks require Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3 or higher. The current DVD contents: Our calculator salesmen are highly trained, well educated, and extremely knowledgeable about the computational field.

I’ve got a couple on my website. Pocket calculators For example, if your main concern is general math – eduvalc, subtraction, multiplication, and division – with an occasional need for log or trig functions, the HP may be just perfect for you. Here catwlog a couple.

Call the Hewlett-Packard sales office nearest you for an honest appraisal. This would require indexing all the material which would be perhaps a lifetime project since type fonts, sizes and printing quality varies from article to article and page to page, causing OCR software to choke. The listings are there, and you may therefore key them in.

An index of all entries in all 43 conferences indexed five ways by conference, item title, author, document type and calculator model Including an archive of the HP Solve Newsletter, issues 1 to 33 Also including the HP Solve Newsletter Eduaclc Garth Wilson Senior Member. An index of entries indexed five ways by issue, item catzlog, author, document type and calculator model PPC CD4: For the ultimate pocket-sized problem solving power in any field.

It’s a long list of things. catalgo

HP Calculator Heritage Catalog 1976

On the other hand, the barcode pages from the PPC ROM Manualrecently added to the disks, were added at dpi, and thus should scan in reasonably well. The disk is not a single-source search mechanism to find information on subjects entered by the user. Actual prices may vary. I can’t believe the prices, and that I paid that much for some of those things, back when a dollar was a lot more money than it is now!


But, maybe your problems are more business oriented. Apparently, EduCalc had to wait months in order to get their next allotment. They can help you find the right equipment to solve your problems. EduCALC catalogs The above newsletters comprise around pages of valuable material covering all aspects of HP handhelds from the HP35 cataolg to the HP28S.

Thanks for cxtalog links, everyone. Sorry – I’m not equipped to directly accept credit cards. Selection of the correct desk-top calculator for you is a more subtle operation. The disk is a reference tool, with all pages scanned images in Adobe Acrobat format. There are varying memory sizes, data handling capabilities.

fatalog If my dad knew how much I spent, he would have blown a gasket. All prices quoted on this site does not include taxes and tariffs.

P ersonal P rogrammable C alculators.

So how do you decide? To obtain info on videotape from HP conferences going back toclick here. Check with your nearest resellers for local pricing.

All indexes which were provided in the pages of the newsletters are included. Updated November 21, Steve Simpkin Senior Member.

Still, my dollars back then ccatalog worth quite a bit more than the ones I’m burning thru on Ebay these days. Increasing the resolution above dpi to achieve this would reduce the amount of material which would fit on the disks. Had that not happened, perhaps they could have survived a bit longer. Hewlett-Packard offers you the famous “pocket computer” – the HP This portion of the disk includes the conference proceedings along with any printed supplementary material catxlog at the conferences from 43 English-language HP calculator conferences up to