EcoRI restriction enzyme, 1. Restriction buffer, 1. Lambda DNA, uncut, 1. DNA size standard (HindIII lambda DNA digest), 1. Sample loading buffer, 5x, 1 ml, 1. Lambda DNA: Location of Sites. BglII. 0. . EcoRI. Nrul. o o. At ambient temperatures, in a solution containing purified Lambda-DNA these so- called ‘cos ends’ This is a BamHI-EcoRI restriction map of Lambda DNA.

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λ DNA/EcoRI + HindIII Markers:

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Ask a Scientist Ask a Scientist. By visualizing the effects of three different enzymes on identical samples of double-stranded DNA, students learn that different restriction enzymes recognize and cut different DNA sequences.

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Phage Lambda DNA EcoRI digest ready-to-use – GENEON

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Lambda DNA/EcoRI + HindIII Markers

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It is very likely that a number of the Lambda DNA molecules was circular because of the cos-site formed already before the digestion.

Phage Lambda DNA EcoRI digest ready-to-use

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At each end the 5′ strand overhangs the 3′ strand by 12 bases. What is the education discount policy?

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