In regards to seduction, fractionation can be described as a combination of “mind control,” body language, tone of voice, and hypnosis. There are two basic steps. Learn all there is to know about Fractionation Hypnosis tactics as If you’re interested in Fractionation Seduction techniques, then I gotta warn. Fractionation is the “grand daddy” of all Mind Control based seduction techniques, and is nothing to be messed with.

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See that she lightens up, and then hit her with a sad story to bring her back down again. The second set is a specialized Fractionation sequence which you can use to rekindle an old romance or get an ex-girlfriend back. There is a new state of power givin to women and few can handle frwctionation if they never had it.

Fractionation Seduction Technique: All You Need To Know!

Trust me, Derek Rake is the boss! Make the right choice or pay the piper.

It says so on the page. Here are some sample Fractionation hypnosis scripts which you can use:.

Fractionation has been widely accepted within the seductipn community although remains somewhat unknown outside. Well, just go here: Derek Rake and the Fractionation Formula Fractionation is a killer seduction technique! As the final disclaimer: It was my four-year-old brother.

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How do I order for your books? Fractionation is a process where you pull your target in by building rapport, and then break rapport, and then you pull her back in again so that you build a stronger level of rapport than the last time.

Is this as powerful as the Black Rose Sequence? Women are just confused and they pass on their confusion to the men trying to get them.

Please, for the men reading this post, if you have to trick a woman into loving you, what then are you saying about yourself and your moral character? August 3, at 7: We can and often do have multiple partner in life.

Fractionation Seduction Steps™ (3 Simple Steps To Dominate Her)

One Sentence Fractionation Hypnosis: And by the sixth visit usually, I could put them under my spell at fractionatioh snap of a finger. Now, this is something every man wants—you may fractionatiin that getting that pretty woman at the bar to go home with you is going to be an arduous task and impossible—but with Fractionation Seduction, all these thoughts that you are way over your head in asking her out and her wanting you will immediately vanish.


May 16, at 2: Would you rather ignore the fact that some guys know this and may use it on you? Unfortunately, the Fractionation Seduction technique cannot be summarized into one article, as it needs to be learned in detail. Why expose it to the mainstream and risk diluting it for us sedudtion the know? Tell us your story.

So, what exactly happened?

Fractionation seduction – how does it work? Step-by-step guide to use it

Please get in touch. These strategies are horrible and they cause damage to the unsuspecting person!! Matt “Cougar Hunter” Ganz says: The first, and almost always the only step you need to do, is to become aware of your addiction you will think about it as being in love with the person.

Your email address will not be published. A healthy person is so attractive. Or is there something else to do before I start the routine? Why would anyone want to use mind seduxtion to hurt women?