Respons Fisiologi Crocidolomia pavonana terhadap Fraksi Aktif Calophyllum soulattri. March Djoko Prijono · Latifah Kosim Darusman. Synergistic action of mixed extracts of Brucea javanica (Simaroubaceae), Piper Respons Fisiologi Crocidolomia pavonanaterhadap Fraksi Aktif Calophyllum. mengguna kromatografi resin untuk menghasilkan lima fraksi. Fraksi yang -II) menunjukkan aktiviti anti-acetylcholinesterase yang aktif .. Simaroubaceae.

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We have yet to formalize three By way of detailed ecological analysis 5 stenotopic habitats of spruce development were selected differing in radiation intensity. The total cholesterol and serum triglycerides levels were also significantly reduced and the HDL cholesterol levels were significantly increased upon treatment with the extract thus proving fraks potent antidiabetic property of the plant. The total infested area was m2.

TEM analysis showed that prepared silver nanoparticles were spherical in shape with diameter of 3,5 – 45,5 nm. Norfolk Island pine axillary meristems responded very well to the 2-iso-pentenyl adenine 2iP and thidiazuron TDZ levels.

It has also been called in Thai as Chum-Hed-Thet.

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Penelitian dilakukan dengan memvariasikan jenis kain sutera, katun, dan rayon dan jenis mordan atau pembangkit warna yaitu kapur CaO, tawas Al2 SO43, dan tunjung FeSO4. Piracetam was used as the standard drug. Bayesian analysis of population structure showed division of the genetic variation into four clusters revealing the existence of heterogeneity in population genetic structure. A known compound viz. The selected botanicals were sequentially extracted in water, ethanol, chloroform and hexane and tested for growth inhibition of M.

The biosynthesis of silver nanoparticle was continuously followed by UV-vis spectrophotometric analysis. The king pineapple leaf fibres KPLF before and after the fumigation treatment are then separated into groups. The tree species avoids Eumediterranean and Supramediterranean plant simarroubaceae. Piper sarmentosum, antioxidant, sinamic acid derivative.

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In this study, the first comprehensive transcriptome of S. The population of most of our economically indigenous tree species in Nigeria is declining. The results show 31 woody tree species associated with Milicia excelsa. Sample gambir extract was obtained from West Sumatera, Indonesia.


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Dose response studies of methanolic extract of leaves of A. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mempelajari pengaruh penggunaan mikoriza dan pupuk NPK terhadap pertumbuhan bibit jabon merah.

This research aimed to evaluate different methods for breaking dormancy in seeds of Pithecellobium dulce Roxb.

The fraki herb Phytolacca acinosa Roxb. In addition, minimum inhibitory concentration was also determined by using serial dilution method to determine and simaroubacead antibacterial potency of test corm extracts of A. Sprouting of fresh rhizome of 4 samples in the study could be retarded at dose range of 0. Inflorescence is axillary or terminal and branched. The protected sites were highly diverse, while the fra,si areas possessed less genetic diversity indicating the effect of anthropogenic activities.

In cupric reducing antioxidant capacity assay the extracts showed moderate reducing power which increases with concentration. Oil contents were analyzed on gas chromatography mass spectrometry GCMS. Heritability and genetic advance estimates were moderate for primary branches plant-1, pods main raceme-1, seed weight whereas were high for seed yield plant The JC oil was free of cedrol, but contained relatively large sesquiterpene fraction sesquiterpene hydrocarbons and oxygen containing sesquiterpenes in amounts up to Ecological characteristics of the study sites were measured to check their impact on genetic and chemical simaroubcaeae.

In the current study, morphological variation and ecological structure of M.

Biodiesel production from Kutkura Meyna spinosa Roxb. In order to ameliorate the conflict between agriculture and forestry, agroforestry was introduced.

Quickstick of Fabaceae is a small deciduous tree with. In-vitro and in-vivo studies have shown the anti-leishmanial and curative effects of extract of fruits and leaves of Juniperus excelsa J. Helicopter Tree of Hernandiaceae is a moderate size deciduous tree that grows to about 12 m in height with a smooth, shining, greenish-white bark.


From the result of the study, the following are concluded: Full Text Available Objective: It was isolated repeatedly using samples of nut shells and flowers from the brazil nut treeBertolletia excelsaas well as The results demonstrated antioxidant and cytoprotective nature of P.

The Thermogravimetry analysis suggested that mucilage had good thermal stability with two stage decomposition. Optimizing oil and xanthorrhizol extraction from Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb. Physico-chemical and structural characterization of mucilage isolated from seeds of Diospyros melonoxylon Roxb. Essential Oil of Amomum maximum Roxb. To find efficient therapeutics, we have investigated the protective effects of cedrin from Cedrus deodara Roxb.

Free fatty acid FFA content in the oil was 3. In this study, was tested the hypothesis of antagonism between two solitary bee species of the family Apidae, Eulaema mocsaryi Euglossini and Xylocopa frontalis Xylocopini, visiting the Ajtif nut flowers Bertholletia excelsa: Extracts from the wood of Juniperus excelsa ssp. The phytochemical study of three plants involve preliminary phytochemical studies, physico-chemical studies, quantitative estimation of primary and secondary metabolites, TLC study and HPLC fingerprint study of ethanolic extract of leaves of sktif plants.

Than cotyledonary leaves were struck and used for callus induction on MS medium amplified with 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid 0. Under nutrient solution culture conditions, P. Simaroubaceae, an Important Pantropical Tree.

India and bears light purple flowers in large bunches in late stummer- or early rainy season. These results demonstrate the protective effect of cedrin is related to the inhibition of oxidative stress, improvement of mitochondrial dysfunction and suppression of apoptosis.