Demons is a novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky, first published in the journal The Russian Messenger in –2. It is considered one of the four masterworks written. El horrible crimen perpetrado en Moscu a finales de siguiendo rdenes del nihilista Nechyev seguidor de Bakunin fue la fuente de inspiracin que sirvi a. Los Demonios/the Demons by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Shatov himself is preoccupied with the unexpected return of his ex-wife Marie, who has turned up on his doorstep, alone, ill and poverty-stricken.

Ya se lo he dicho: Meriterebbe di essere letto solo per queste pagine. Despite the disaster of the reading, the ball goes ahead that evening, with Julia Mikhaylovna and Andrey Antonovich in attendance. View all 12 comments. He is overjoyed to see her, and when it turns out dpstoevsky she is going into labour with Stavrogin’s child he frantically sets about helping her.

He worries the murderer will turn into a laughing-stock if he publishes his confession. The first is in anecdotal lso, told by the narrator after the pranksters associated with Julia Mikaylovna pay a visit to the scene of a suicide.

Los Demonios/the Demons

As if on cue, Pyotr Stepanovich says that he too has received a long letter from his father about an impending marriage, but that one cannot make sense of it – something about having to get married because of “another man’s sins”, and pleading to be “saved”.

Refresh and try again. Last but not least, the chapter which was censored and thus left out is very important to the story and truely unique for its time. La critica paragona Tolstoi ad Omero, romanziere epico, e Dostoevskij ad Eschilo ed Euripide, grandi tragici, con la differenza che i tre greci sono vissuti in periodi diversi, mentre Tolstoi e Dostoevskij sono contemporanei e rappresentano una medesima cultura.


I started to read books. Shortly after the death of his mother in he was sent to St. In Dostoyevsky married Anna Snitkin, his year old stenographer. View all 14 comments. Constance Garnett ‘s translation popularized the novel and gained it notoriety as The Possessedbut this title has been disputed by later translators. Open Preview See a Problem? Praskovya arrives, accompanied by her nephew Mavriky Nikolaevich, demanding to know why her daughter has been dragged in to Varvara Petrovna’s “scandal”.

Stavrogin seizes him, slams him against a dostoevsiy and begins to tie him up. They read Kirillov’s note and a short time later Shatov’s body is discovered at Skvoreshniki. Even the most extreme and unlikely characters, such as Kirillov and Shigalev, were grounded in real people or ideas of the time. They’d have no one to hate then, no one to curse, edmonios to find fault with.

Marie and the baby become ill, and die a few days later. Present are a wide variety of idealists, disaffected types and pseudo-intellectuals, most notably the philosopher Shigalyev who attempts to expound his theory on the historically necessary totalitarian social organization of the future.

Demons (Dostoevsky novel) – Wikipedia

Jul 26, Bruce rated it it was amazing. An examination of the major novels.

Stavrogin, however, seems to be in a good mood and he willingly accompanies Pyotr Stepanovich to the meeting. As for Camus and Absurdism: For over an hour the great writer plods through an aimless stream of self-absorbed fantasy, sending the dowtoevsky into a state of dostoevskj stupefaction. Not the way a novel is, but rather the way life is.

Julia Mikhaylovna, who has somehow managed to reconcile Andrey Antonovich, is at the summit of her ambition.

Dios es el dolor producido por el horror a la muerte. I wanted to explain my book to the gathering in the briefest possible way; but I see that I will have to add a great deal of verbal clarification, and therefore the whole explanation will take at least ten evenings, according to the number of chapters in my book.


He also lets her know that the town is ringing with the news of another scandal: But since the future social form is necessary precisely now, when we are finally going to act, so as to stop any further thinking about it, I am suggesting my own system of world organization. Demonios o Los demonios o Los endemoniados en un solo tomo: Pyotr Stepanovich is not suspected, and news spreads that Stavrogin has left on the train for Petersburg. Slaves are bound to be equal.

According to Joseph Frankthis choice of narrative perspective enables Dostoevsky “to portray his main figures against a background of rumor, opinion and scandal-mongering that serves somewhat the function of a Greek chorus in relation to the central action. Marie’s husband Shatov who has a habit of changing his ideas by walking out insultingly on people when he feels used or called for compromise on his dignity; is not same as Shiagalov.

A change brought about by persons possesed by demons and this change is the projection of their own demonized selves.

Strange events begin in this quiet town, a big rise in transgressionsand newspapers urging revolution, are being found. Views Read Edit View history. What if I told my child that it is acceptable to brutally assault somebody as long as I see that he suffers afterwards – that the crime is actually laudable because it gives me a welcome opportunity to watch my child suffer duly?

He resigned from the army two years later. It is a masterpiece. It is Shatov who lowers his eyes, and leaves, apparently crushed. But the sick man will be healed and ‘sit at the feet of Jesus’.