One of the first books I read on MPB was “Mai più calvi” (= “Never more bald”) of the italian man Giovanni Serri Pili. He claimed that he was. Online shopping from a great selection at Kindle Store Store. abetz85 wrote: This is the link of the book: Piu-Calvi-Giovanni-Serri-Pili But I warn you it’s wrote in Italian.

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But I promise since ive been doing this the last few months my hairline hair grows long and healthy now. Nordin on Thu Jul 17, 7: BelieveInIt on Sat Dec 14, 7: This whole adventure is going to be much more enjoyable once we all come out of it with full heads of hair.

It means there’s an inflammation until the point where the bulb is no more able to regrow the hair. A I have done brushing for about a year and two month.

THe guy who invented this passed away few years ago but with his head full of hair after having been pretty hairless serdi 50 years was able to regrow all his hair in 6 months.

Recently I heard that a guy managed to meet his giovxnni but couldn’t get much information. He noticed how people with luxuriant hair usually incorporate facial expressions like raising your forehead and how their scalp slides back when they do so.


JDawg on Sun Dec 15, 4: SlowMoe on Sun Dec 15, BelieveInIt on Sun Dec 15, 4: I didn’t expect some quick results, but more than year should be enough to see at least some results. ANewHope on Thu Jul 17, 6: The hairline area for me use to be as tight as a drum now its much looser and im almost certain things have improved a lot for me and im maintaining with healthier long hair.

Where did you find the ebook? I did it every day and skipped it no more than four or five times. I pil this is pretty cool and it seems to really work for most people giovwnni all people regrew all hair but most get maintaining and little regrowthit’s just extremely giovajni to do since you have to completely change your lifestyle.

Neck tension and hair loss – Hair Loss Is Reversible Forum

Sat Dec 29, 9: I noticed that when doing my massages that the hairline area seemed tighter than the rest of head.

The basic exercise is to to pull your hair in order to detach the scalp from the bone, which is the main cause of hair loss. Positive thing is that I don’t have a dandruff as long as I brush twice a week.

Then break an egg, whip it with a fork and rub in – do it in the shower stand or in the bath, lol, it leaks! My Approach My Approach Continued. To continue to the forum, just close this window.


Hair Loss Is Reversible Forum

There are a lot of tips about correct posture in his book. Since a google search yielded all Italian language entries, I made my husband look into it he’s a native Italian speakerand from what he was explaining, it seems like this crazy technique actually works.

In his book, Giovanni explains why we go bald. He also told of his method to all his friends and they too regrew hair.

I want to know if others have had success with this and if I’m doing this correctly. It’s probably not fake since when he wrote his book Photoshop didn’t really exist. Posts Topics Advanced Search. He’s now dead though. That joseph guy’s a nut. ANewHope on Thu Jul 17, 7: Brought to you by. I have hair, it’s just not as thick as it used to be when I was a youngin’. Castor oil for hair growth?

Last edited by Leida ; I recommend everyone to take a photos. But to achieve a really lasting results, yeah, you have to persist!

His name is Giovanni Serri-Pili.