G. W. Farrow • I. Menon The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra With the Commentrary Yogaratnamala G.W. FARROW and I MENON MOTILAL. Shri Hevajra is a principal meditational deity of the Anuttarayoga classification in Buddhist Tantra. According to the Sakya system Hevajra belongs to the. हेवज्र तन्त्रम – संस्कृत मूल एवम हिन्दी अनुवाद (The Hevajra Tantra). Item Code: NAC Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Publisher.

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As early as de la Vallee Poussin, introducing his edition of the Pahcakrama, wrote: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Buddhist Deity: Hevajra Main Page

With Taranatha we may follow the succession through kanha to bhadra- pada, the author of yet another commentary on the Hevajra-tantra, which we hevajjra frequently ttantra occasion to quote.

However, many basic questions regarding the foundations of the tantric method still remained to be conclusively answered. The ‘corpse’ represents the non-existence of a self in all natures. The disciple is warned that by not following the rules he will not attain the Accomplishment.

Canda is prajna, we are told, and ali is upaya, and this in spite of the general theory that ali is feminine and corresponds with prajna. The physical union, when fully consummated, leads to the union of the quintessences of man and woman from which a live embryo is hevaja and in due time a baby is bom. May the Lord please explain.

With a fair new thread, well fastened and of right measurement, the master should bind it round, for it represents the chosen divinity.

Then the disciple should offer a feast comprising intoxicants, meats etc. V and S confirm this.

The Joys and the Moments are initially known through consecration. He may fool some of the readers some hevvajra the time, but he cannot fool all the readers all the time.

The uninterrupted experience of the Innate nature is described in terms of the True Principle. In order to clarify some parts of the root text and the commentary we also consulted a photo- copy of a manuscript of Ratnakarasanti’s Muktavali which is another commentary on the Hevajra Tantra.


A Safe Guide for the Practitioner of Hevajra Tantra

Wrath is therefore at the centre and the aspect of the divinities is wrathful. To show the whole system as a path and its different stations. The Joy and the Moment appropriate to a particular consecration is to be under- stood as the conclusive proof of the accomplishment of that consecration. However, ehvajra to this contact with and conversion of previously non-Buddhist groups many non-Buddhist methods were synthesized and introduced into the Buddhist mainstream.

The two styles were the monastic style suited to the disciplines of the Mahayana monk and the radical style suited to the free- thinking, alchemist yogis tired of or unsuited to the conformity and self- repression needed to live in the monastery. The method of manifesting the mandala circle of the goddess Nairatmya along with her retinue is described.

The central face is black and laughing loudly, the right is white and the left is red, and the upper face black and bears its fangs; the other eight faces are black.

An essential nature should be uncreate, transcendent, non-contingent, self-comprising, and in this capacity it does not exist, because it arises from dependent causation. This is the celebration of the ‘In Character Yogi’. The ‘adorning of the limbs’ refers to the pervading [of the semen as enlight- ened consciousness] through every part of the body by way of the nadis.

It is samsara that is to be realized as nirvana. Ram Mohan Das Hardcover Edition: It has been shown that a tantric system of language is utilized in the composition of tantric treatises.

May the Mahasiddhas and the present Lineage Masters, shower their blessings onus all.

Full text of “Hevajra Tantra Snellgrove”

She burns Locana and the others. But it has seemed to me enough to attempt to understand it in its acceptable Buddhist sense, as interpreted in fact by its commentators. One is here on the edge of a very large problem, for there are remnants of the basic material of not only the Hevajra-tantra but of several tantras, material which must have been sufficiently extensive to give rise to the notion of original works of the fantastic length ofslokas.


A prophecy stated that a yogi like him had not appeared before nor would anotherlike him appear again. Nowadays it is very easy for the Westerners to get a Guru in Sikkim, Kalimpong or Darjeeling where many Tibetan lamas have become refugees.

This page was last modified on 20 Septemberat The missing lines are found in the Subhasitasamgraha edited by D. Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, Berlin. We bring faeces, urine, menstrual blood and semen. So the yogin must himself become Hevajra for Hevajra is the Means.

Hevajra Tantra

It is misleading to pretend that the doctrine was now suddenly invaded and swamped with popular and superstitious practices. Now the four- fold consecration of the tantric tradition will be described. This is the modus operandi of the Secret Consecration. With the Dance the disciples can become familiar with the forms ofthe deities tantrz be emanated.

Prajnadanda The Staff of Wisdom. Regarding the concealed essence evam and its application it is said in the root treatise: The sixteen-armed, four-legged eight-faced Heart Hrdaya Hevajra described in the Hevajra Tantra stands with two legs in ardha-paryanka and the other two in alidha posture left bent, right extended on a multi-coloured eight petalled lotus, the four Maras in the forms of yellow Brahmablack Vishnuwhite Shiva Mahesvara and yellow Indra and a sun disc resting on their hearts.

It is all this that does not exist.

To point out the snake in the grass if any danger will be caused by wrong practice. The wisdom hevajr should be visualized through which the deep wisdom breathing should be seen as going in and out and held; and the wisdom drops should be seen as going up and down and kept without any discharge.