Code for the Construction and Equipment of. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Edition. Erratum. December On page , in the. On page 77, paragraph , delete the second sentence so that the amended paragraph reads as follows: “ Audible signals in high noise areas should be . IMO Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore · Drilling Units, ( MODU CODE). Tags: IMO MODU Code.

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Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units – Lexology

The Administration may require a structural analysis showing satisfactory protection against overall collapse of the unit after such an assumed failure when exposed to environmental loading corresponding to a one-year return period for moeu intended area of operation.

The system should include means to prevent the propelling thrust from altering significantly when transferring control from one location to another.

Where automatically controlled bilge pumps are provided, special attention should be given to oil pollution prevention requirements.

The Administration may, given special considerations, fode operation from one side of a division only. A record of these tests and other information concerning initial certification should be readily available.


If the language used is neither English nor French, the text should include a translation into one of these languages. All search and rescue locating devices should conform to performance standards not inferior to those adopted by the Organization.

The Administration may permit counter-flooding as an operational procedure.

In all cases, the selection of the fire extinguishing medium should be based on the fire hazard for the space protected. Where necessary, the two should be superimposed by adding the current velocity vectorially to the wave particle velocity.

In such circumstances, the Administration should consider the extent of application of regulations 39 139 2 and 39 5 of the LL Protocol, as amended, and give special consideration to such units, having regard to the occasional nature of such voyages on predetermined routes and to prevailing weather conditions.

A report of the inspection should be entered in the logbook.

Most Read Cyber Security Highlights: The circuits supplying an electric or electrohydraulic steering gear should have adequate rating for supplying all motors which can be simultaneously connected to it and have to operate simultaneously. It should include plans showing the location and extent of application of different grades and strengths of materials, together with a description of the materials and welding procedures employed, and any other relevant construction information.

Where such valves are located in normally unmanned spaces below the assigned load line and not provided with high bilge water level alarms, they should be operable from outside the space. Where the system is arranged for feedback operation, the interconnector feeder should also be protected at the emergency switchboard at least against short circuit.


Where arrangements for overriding the shutdown of the main propelling machinery are fitted, these should be such as to preclude inadvertent operation. The manuals should, in addition to providing the necessary general information about the unit, contain guidance on and procedures for the operations that are vital to the safety of personnel and the unit. Where ventilation arrangements of the intended safe space are considered sufficient by the Administration to prevent any ingress of gas from the zone 1 location, the two self-closing doors forming an airlock may be replaced by a single self-closing gastight door which opens into the non-hazardous location and has no hold-back device.

A portable extinguisher provided for that space may be located outside near the entrance to that space. If a paint scheme is necessary to enhance identification by day, alternate black and white, black and yellow, or red and white bands are recommended, not less than 0.

Midu and instructions should be conspicuously displayed at muster stations, control positions, working spaces and accommodation spaces to inform all on board of:. Tanks less than 35 m in length should be served by at least one access hatchway and ladder. All lifeboats, except free-fall lifeboats, should be turned out from their stowed position without any persons on board, if weather and sea conditions so allow. If anti-fouling systems are installed, they should conform to the requirements of the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-fouling Systems on Ships, The facts concerning the intervention should be reported to the Organization.

Where a three-phase supply is used, an alarm should 212 provided that will indicate failure of any one of the supply phases. All ballast and preload tanks and related piping systems should be designed mdu facilitate coxe drainage and removal of sediments. Seal or stamp of the authority, as appropriate. Insulation of pipe fittings for cold service systems and vapour barriers and adhesives used in conjunction with insulation need not be non-combustible but they should be kept to a minimum and their exposed surfaces coe have low-flame spread characteristics 1.

Servicing of inflatable liferafts, inflatable lifejackets, marine evacuation systems and maintenance and repair of inflated rescue boats. In accordance with paragraph 1.

Facilities io be available enabling such a connection to be used on any side of the unit. In general, these accesses should be arranged diagonally, e. Consideration should be given to the consequences of the failure of systems and equipment essential to imp safety of the unit.


In spaces where penetration of oil products is possible, the surfaces of the insulation should be impervious to oil or oil vapours. If a unit is unduly interrupted or delayed it should be entitled to compensation for any loss or damage suffered. The openings should be provided midu in the lower half of the door. This certificate should, in accordance with paragraph 1. Foul weather recovery strops should be provided for safety if heavy fall blocks constitute a danger.

In the case of a column-stabilized unit this would be the central ballast control station. If the liferaft or liferafts cannot mdu readily transferred for launching on either side of the unit, the mosu capacity available on each side should be sufficient to accommodate the total number of persons on board.

Paris MoU detentions during The alarms required in the subparagraph should be both audible and visual and be situated in a position on the navigating bridge where they can be readily observed.

Sanitary, ballast and general service pumps may be accepted as independent power bilge pumps if fitted with the necessary connections to the bilge pumping system. Can special passengers stay onboard during sailing or point to point movement. The modj should be equally spaced at intervals of not more than 3 m around the perimeter of the TLOF, coincident with the white line delineating the perimeter in paragraph Where the TLOF may be subject to a disturbed air flow then additional wind direction indicators located close to the area should be provided to indicate the surface wind on those areas.

The difference between being a leader and a self-aware leader Apostolos Belokas. The insulation of a deck or bulkhead should be carried past the penetration, intersection or terminal point for a distance of at least mm in the case of steel and aluminium structures.

The Administration may accept ballast valve arrangements that do not fail to the closed position upon loss of power provided the Administration is satisfied that the safety of the unit is not impaired. An alarm should be provided to indicate low starting air pressure, set at a level which still permits starting operations of the propulsion machinery. Artificial ventilation for the protection of analyser coe houses.

It should be provided with the following control and indicating systems, having appropriate audible and visual alarms, where applicable:. Figure — Helideck obstacle limitation sector: