An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans after World War II By James Bacque. Other Losses caused. James Bacque. Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans after World War II. Other Losses has 67 ratings and 8 reviews. Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of James Bacque.

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Very tediously written badly organized and repetitious–and looks like it was padded out for publication –but the story it tells is appalling. James Bacque introduced the latest edition of his bookOther Losses.

How could the Americans almost one-third of whom are by ethnic background German conspire for so long to cover up such a vast crime?

The introduction to the book publishing many of the New Orleans panel papers also noted that Bacque ignored the greatest source of for the “other losses” column, an August Report of the Military Governor that states “An additional group ofare lists as ‘other losses’consisting largely of members of the Volkssturm [People’s Militia] released without loszes formal charge.

Then they were issued with American I read this book when it first came out, which meant there was time to discuss it with an elderly German neighbour who had been a Sergeant, or whatever the German equivalent is, in WW2.

Ja,es rated it losaes was amazing Mar 14, Bischoff concludes that just the application of common sense alone refutes many of the most “fantastical charges” of Bacque, such as asking the question “How could jamew single man order one million men killed without being caught in the heinous act?


Often during my talk with Mr Bacque I reminded him that my memory has deteriorated badly during the 40 odd years since The message, dated March 10, reads: That lasted for about a week lossses as far as I can recall from our conversation.

The introduction to the panel’s book also states that Bacque ignored that Eisenhower himself was the one warning his superiors about food shortages as early as Ither —months before the war had even ended—then again in May when Eisenhower requested food imports from the United States.

The New Orleans panel noted that Lauben himself twice has since repudiated this.

Other Losses

While Other Losses claims that the United States dismissed the Swiss Government from its role as a protecting power, [78] Villa states that Bacque ignores that it was the Soviets that had vetoed permitting the continued existence of the German government in Mayleaving the Swiss no longer wanting to remain the protecting power because they no longer had a German government to which to report, and that the United Nations—including Canada—had concluded the same.

In these camps prisoners were forced to sleep on the ground in the open, though it claims that the U. And all the while a suppliant press does nothing to uncover the outrage. Overcopies have been sold in eleven countries.

Lists with This Book. Army’s theater provost marshal, which Other Losses states is actually a “body count” of dead prisoners. Peace for Germany is a brief video which describes recent efforts at reconciliation between Germans and Americans.

Sigurvaldi rated it really liked it Dec 29, However, this practice was apparently stopped as impractical, and all copies of the POW forms, roughly eight million, were destroyed. When it seems so, the price is purchased at the price of accuracy.

Other Losses explains that Eisenhower’s staff must have been implicated, charging “[t]he squalor of the camps came from the moral squalor polluting the higher levels of the army.


He spoke of his book Other Losseswhich is about German prisoners of war taken by …. Maybe some things never need to be known??? Books Non-Fiction Other Losses. Certainly, if there had been a holocaust, it could never have been covered up. Retrieved from ” https: Brech discussed his experiences in detail, in which he witnessed the poor conditions in the camp, a kosses number of deaths, and the systematic starving of the prisoners.

Bischoff said that while “most scholarly reviewers of Bacque’s book have pointed baacque that Bacque fails to establish the proper historical context”, “worse, the historical records that Othed did use are amateurishly misrepresented and often misleading or wrong.

Regarding oral histories, Bischoff concludes that “Bacque abuses the process through his highly selective presentation of oral histories and memoir literature.

Army had to improvise for months in taking care of the masses of prisoners to prevent a catastrophe: Zone and was eventually told that 3.

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Historians Gunter Bischof and Brian Loring Villa stated that a research report from the panel “soundly refuted the charges of Other Lossesespecially Bacque’s fanciful handling of statistics. Several historians rebutting Bacque have argued that the missing POWs simply went home, that Red Cross food aid was sent to displaced civilians and that German POWs abcque fed the same rations that the U. John rated it liked it Jun 18, An interesting look lossew American treatment of German solders after WW2.