This tutorial guides you through the basic steps of using NetBeans IDE to create a Under click Screen to show the Screen Designer window. The purpose of this tutorial is to present the basic elements needed for mobile Java applications (MIDlets) development. The notions described. MIDlet Class Tutorial. What is a MIDlet? In a nutshell, Java ME programs are MIDlets. A MIDlet is an application suite designed to live out its lifecycle within the .

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The purpose of this tutorial is to present the basic elements needed for mobile Java applications MIDlets development. Resources necessary for the project development are open-source and can be downloaded from the Internet:. Once the MobileApplication type project has been created we must define the context based on which we will build the application. By adding a MIDlet resource type, a file with the. The code sequence, from the above sample, is the smallest and simplest MIDlet program.

This program does not has any visual effects because it was finished immediately after it is launched in execution. The three methods are required by the MidletHelloWorld class, because it is a a situation generated by derivation from a MIDlet abstract class. They manage possible states in which the application may be.

This concept midket also seen in other Java applications, like applets. This is done by defining a Display object which is initialized at the start of the application. Because the hardware and software characteristics of mobile device impose restrictions on Java Mobile Applications things are totally different from Java applications for PCwe can only develop applications that display information within a single form or window at a time.


To manage the visual resources and to establish what form is active we will use the Display reference. To display the on-screen text Hello World! Thus we use a TextBox type form tutorual is NOT the TextBox control from other programming languages which is a form containing only one dialog box control with a default Multiline property text is displayed by default on multiple lines. The reason for the existence of this type of visual resource is given also by the limited resources we have on a mobile device.

Other forms types allow more complex applications, but they will be described in another post. In the previous code sequence, tutrial may notice that the form display was realized in the startApp method via the setCurrent function of the Display object.

At the emulator start, it does not immediately execute the application. To start it you must select the Launch button bottom right of the emulator. Although the application is quite simple, it illustrates very well the structure of a MIDlet, and all these concepts are present in any other J2ME applications.

To test the mobile application in a real environment, your personal mobile phone, the MIDlet from this example must be installed on your mobile device. This is done by sending to the phone by Bluetoth, IR, wireless or data cable the two files that are in the dist subdirectory of the project this is applicable only for Netbeans.

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Java ME MIDP Development Quick Start Guide – NetBeans IDE Tutorial

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. You can control very few options the font size and color when you draw a string on a Canvas tutkrial. Thank you for your interest in this blog. You can check also the J2ME tutorial — How to create and display forms and alerts post.


Thank you very much for this useful post. It really helped me getting started with Java ME. I was kinda lost before reading this. Thanks, great article, helped me with me first. I have been working my son an A.

Java ME MIDP Development Quick Start Guide

M Khurshed Ullah on November 1st, Really thank u really its my first java program your mid,et good teacher. Thank You so much for your wonderful post.

I will also be looking for your other tutorials. Thank You so much. Home Posts list About. Platform Selection for J2ME mobile application. Hello World Midlet example.

Comments 25 Jzva 2. Thanks for the article. Helped me create my first mobile app. How do I change the colour of the font inside the J2ME app created with netbeans? It is a very very good post for beginners. M Khurshed Ullah on November 1st, many thanks for the arcticle to start and remember J2ME work after 7 years later thanks again!

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