A quick how to use JFreeChart quide can be found at- https://robbamforth. addSeries(series); (); } final JFreeChart chart =ChartFactory. . Opens a file chooser and gives the user an opportunity to save the chart in PNG format. JFreeChart Quick Guide – Learn JFreeChart Concepts in simple and easy steps ChartPanel(JFreeChart chart, boolean properties, boolean save, boolean print .

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It sets the interior gap and sends a PlotChangeEvent to all registered listeners. PiePlot3D class is a subclass of PiePlot jfreecahrt under the same package. Following is the code to create a Pie Chart based on the information provided in mobile. Locale locale It creates a new second based on the supplied time and time zone. This is a serialized class available in org.

JAVA – JFreeChart – How To Save a JFreeChart to JPEG File

ChartFrame class inherits functionalities jfreechar parent classes such as Frame, Window, Container, and Component classes. This package contains classes and interfaces, which are used for the time related data. There are various tools available, which can be used to create different types of charts. Hence, this class has the same features as PiePlot class, except it is used to create 3D plots. The functionality should exist as it is possible to do this manually right click menu and PNG option from there.

A 3D Pie chart is same as the pie chart additionally with a nice 3D effect. If you do not need to embed your chart in any application, then you can create chart images at command prompt. Jfreechzrt method is taken from javax. String label The constructor NumberAxis uses default values where necessary.

As the name suggests, you can use this dataset to serve XY chart. This type of dataset is used for XYLine Charts.


Here, one value determines the horizontal X position, and the other determines the vertical Y position. Series Dataset This type of dataset is used for storing series of data and construct line charts. Jfreecnart line chart or line graph displays information as a series of data points markers connected by straight line segments. A time series chart displays sequence of data points, which varies at equal intervals of time.

ChartPanel JFreeChart chart, boolean properties, boolean save, boolean print, boolean zoom, boolean tooltips This constructor constructs a JFreeChart panel.

Following is the code to create Time Series Chart from the numbers generated by Math. Following is a list of different mobile brands and their sale units per day. It sets the orientation of Y-axis. Some of the methods in this interface are taken from SeriesDateset.

Exceptions are raised on the occurrence of duplicate or invalid data. This is a class used as a collection of time series objects. But using NumberAxis, class we can set the lower margin and upper margin of domain and range axes. This code helps you to embed a pie chart in any AWT based application. Why jfreechrt one of the ChartUtilities.

It sets the alpha-transparency for the plot and sends a PlotChangeEvent to all registered listeners. Linux java version “1. String title, PieDataset dataset, boolean legend, boolean tooltips, boolean urls This method creates a 3D pie chart using the specified dataset. By using jfeechart site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It constructs a new empty series, with the auto-sort flag set as requested, and duplicate values are allowed. It constructs a dataset containing a single series more can be addedtied to the default time zone. Stroke stroke This method Sets the stroke used for a series and sends a RendererChangeEvent to all registered listeners.


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Frame String, JfreeChart chart, boolean scrollpane It constructs a frame. JfreeChart is an open source library developed in Java.

As the name suggests, you can use this jfreecuart to supply data for pie charts. This is an interface used as a general purpose dataset, where values are associated with keys.

As the name suggests, you can use this dataset to serve XYZ chart. This chapter demonstrates how you can use JFreeChart to create Bubble Chart from a given set of business data.

BE THE CODER > Charts > JFreeChart Examples > Save Chart As PNG

It sets the data value for a key and sends a DatasetChangeEvent to all registered listeners. The time series must not be applied with duplicates and the format must be valid. Post as a guest Name.

This is a base class for jfreecbart the main frame for simple applications. The size of the bubble is considered as range or quantity of X and Y axis. A chart is a graphical jfreefhart of information.

The 3D charts are the ones, which appear in a three-dimensional format. A 3D effect can be achieved by adding a little extra code, which will take care of creating 3D effect in a pie chart. Following is the code to create Bubble Chart from the above given information. A 3D Bar chart is same as the bar chart additionally with a nice 3D effect. This class is immutable, which is a requirement for all RegularTimePeriod subclass. This method creates a bar chart.

The above method is used in the tutorial example.