It is easy to dismiss Stainer’s Crucifixion as the epitome of English musical disfunctionality in the nineteenth century. Yet, over years after its premiere at . 1 Music files. Complete work; Individual movements. 3. Processional to Calvary (Fling wide the gates); Hymn: Cross of Jesus. Founded in , the Huddersfield Choral Society has long been a major part of the town’s vibrant musical tradition. Under a succession of distinguished.

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Is it nothing to you Bass The appeal of the crucified Recit. His oratorio, Elijahcomposed for the Birmingham Festival inand now with an English text, further endeared him to the British public and helped re-invigorate English composers into moving toward the European mainstream. Sacred oratorios ; Oratorios ; Religious works ; For 2 voices, mixed chorus, orchestra ; For voices and chorus with orchestra ; Scores featuring the voice ; Scores featuring the tenor voice ; Scores featuring the bass voice ; Scores featuring mixed chorus ; Scores featuring the orchestra ; English language ; For organ arr ; For 1 player ; Scores featuring the organ.

A s organist, conductor, composer, teacher and author, the immense contribution that Stainer made to the music of his time can scarcely be over-estimated. The oratorios of Handel neatly side-stepped these issues by being neither liturgical in initiation nor purely theatrical in conception.

Unlike the passions, however, there is no orchestra to provide light and shade to accompaniments and add stainee or punch to the drama. If you do, please would you be kind enough to advise me by e-mail – bawden37 sky.


Stainer was born into a family of modest means in Southwark on 6 June and was taught organ from an early age by his schoolmaster father.

Arrangements and Transcriptions Procession to Calvary No. While Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven had rapidly become staples of the orchestral, chamber and instrumental classical canon, music for religious purposes had been somewhat stifled ever since the Puritan tirades against liturgical and theatrical music. And when they were come Bass The mystery of the divine humiliation Recitative: The Crucifixion is scored for tenor and baritone soloists, mixed choir and organ.

Don’t show me this message again. If you wish to use these notes for commercial purposes, e.

Contents 1 Performances 1. Composition Artist Credits The Crucifixion. Jesus said, “Father, forgive them” Tenor Duet: The Crucifixion can still bat with the best of them every season, its many performances and broadcasts every year at Passiontide gladly attended and participated in with great British gusto.

As to the forces: Creative Commons Attribution 4.

The Crucifixion (John Stainer) – ChoralWiki

As is so often the case, however, all this worthy enterprise has long been forgotten, and today Stainer is remembered simply for The Crucifixion and a few rather fine anthems and hymn-tunes.

Two years later he met Sir Frederick Ouseley, then Professor of Music at Oxford who, as a prodigious youth, had impressed no less a figure than Mendelssohn. While Great Britain was making the running in most of the arts and crafts, music seemed barely to be on the agenda—at least so far as home-grown talent was concerned.


To those using these notes You are more than welcome to use all or part of these notes for your choral society or church programme, or for educational purposes. And then there were others, such as John Ruskin and William Morris whose brilliance shone over numerous arts and disciplines.

After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished Tenor For the love of Jesus. Work Title The Crucifixion Alt ernative. Particularly significant in the overall scheme of The Crucifixion are the five hymns, which are designed for congregational participation.

While the first performance was a success, the libretto, by the Reverend William Sparrow-Simpson would soon attract ferocious criticism and the music has also been vilified down the years. The site is also available in several languages.

Hyperion Records

When Jesus therefore saw his mother Recitative: Alma-Tadema, Burne-Jones, Millais and co. Naxos Javascript not enabled.

Although enjoying a close working relationship with any leading professional orchestras and conductors, the Society is a independent and self-governing amateur choir, drawing talented singers from a wide area across Yokshire and the north of England.

Stainer The Crucifixion The Crucifixion. On the one hand there is the school of thought exemplified by this excoriating critic, writing back in At the time there was no iohn piece.