Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (published as Jyhad in the first or “Limited” multi -player (3+) rules, a lack of “land cards”, and a more rapid card drawing As in most other collectible card games, each player designs his or her own deck. OBJECT OF THE GAME Your goal is to destroy the influence held by rival . The Golden Rule for Cards Whenever the cards contradict the rules, the cards take This term appears in the limited edition base set (called Jyhad(TM)), but was . Although the card game was designed and published by Wizards of the Coast, this A summary of revised Jyhad rules circa , plus a lexicon of game and.

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White Wolf releases V: If the opposing minion was striking with a weapon that is stolen or destroyed with first strike, then the opposing minion simply loses his strike altogether.

Wake effects can always be played during the “as a card is played” window, in order to play other reaction cards that must be played in that window.

This only applies to unprevented damage; damage prevention effects can be used to prevent the aggravated damage before the normal damage, if the player chooses. The player to a Jhhad right. Equipment and retainers are burned when the minion they are played on is burned. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Mazz has a Submachine Gun that allows him to strike for 3 damage at either close or gamd range and gives him an optional maneuver.

Any of your opponents’ cards you control are returned jyahd them at the end of the game. It is also a relative measure of the vampire’s age.

To take the action described on an action card in your hand, play the card and lock the acting minion. When a retainer is brought into play, it receives blood counters from the blood bank to represent its life listed on the retainer’s card.


Power Behind the Throne: Two-player games and to some extent three-player games also suffer from lack of jyuad for the kind of inter-player alliances and treachery that are a large part of the game. Additionally, if the action succeeds and the bleed amount is one or more, then the bleed is successful and the controller of the acting minion crad the Edge, taking it from the Methuselah who has it, if any. Short-term deals and trade-offs with very fluid terms are typical.

By default, minions have 0 stealth and 0 intercept. A vampire in torpor may be killed burned by a ready vampire through the act of diablerie.

If a vampire changes clans by means of a Clan Impersonation card, for example to a clan that belongs to a different sect, he changes sects as well.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – Wikipedia

The range determines which strikes and other strike-resolution-phase effects can be used. The Eternal Struggle’ s library and crypt card back designs. In newsgroups and on web pages character codes are used to identify each set, usually an abbreviation of the expansion’s name.

A dodge is a strike, even though it is solely defensive. They have creeds like clans. The sacred book of the Kindred, which allegedly traces their origins and history.

These additional strikes jyhhad resolved at the same range, which is close in this case. A vampire can burn all of his blood if needed, and doing so does not have any other negative effects on the vampire.

Each crypt card the amber-backed cards has a set of elements that describe the vampire: To equip with an equipment card from your hand, play the card and lock the acting minion. The ally is treated as a vampire only for the effect generated from playing the card. Your rulfs are never transferred to another player permanently as a result of card play.

Each effect shows the icon s of the Discipline s required. The step of a referendum during which votes are cast. If the card was a strike rukes, the minion who played it must choose a strike, which might come from another strike card.


Equipment and retainer cards are played on the minion playing them the acting minionwhile allies are put into play and remain independent from the acting minion. Instead of paying the cost to contest the title, the vampire may choose to yield the title or may be forced to yield, if jyhas has no blood to pay.

Note that the action’s cost, if any, is only paid if the action succeeds; the cost is not paid if the action is blocked. Most cards in the library can only be used in conjunction with vampires. Area where vampires are placed when they cannot heal damage done to them.

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (Jyhad)

A referendum is conducted to see if a blood hunt is called. Redirection are usable by locked minions under a wake effect. In practice, however, this brand of justice is not always meted out fairly, depending on the connections that the diablerist has. Main Menu Home Vampire: A type of master card that can only be played during another player’s turn, using the next master phase action of the player playing it. Once cast, a vote or a ballot cannot be changed.

An ally or retainer who loses all of his life counters is burned. Gam, a minion that can attack at long range will want to maneuver to long range against an opponent that he suspects can only attack at close range.

Remember, political actions are always undirected. It can even burn a wounded vampire. These conditions create a game where players are almost always interacting with the other players for both short- and long-term goals instead of simply waiting for their turns.