K9F2G08U0M datasheet, K9F2G08U0M pdf, K9F2G08U0M data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Samsung Electronic, FLASH MEMORY. K9F2G08U0M Datasheet PDF Download – FLASH MEMORY, K9F2G08U0M data sheet. The attached data sheets are prepared and approved by SAMSUNG Electronics. SAMSUNG Electronics CO., LTD. reserve the right to change the specifications.

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Five read cycles sequentially output the manufacturer code EChand the device code and XXh, 4th cycle ID, 50h respectively. Data in the data page can be read out at 50ns 30ns, only X8 device cycle time per byte or word X16 device.

The k9f2g08i0m address of next data, which is going to be out, may be changed to the address which follows random data output command. Figure 13 details the sequence. Since datasheef the last page does not employ caching, the program time has to be that of Page Program.


The benefit is especially obvious when a portion of a block is updated and the rest of the block also need to be copied to the newly assigned free block. Do not erase or program factory-marked bad blocks. Added addressing method for program operation 0. The said additional block failure rate does not include those reclaimed blocks. The device supports random data input in a page. The invalid block s status is defined by the 1st byte X8 device or 1st word X16 device in the spare area.


To transfer data from cache registers to data registers, the device remains in Busy state for a short period of time tCBSY and has its cache registers ready for the next data-input while the internal programming gets started with the data loaded into data registers. Please create an account or Sign in. It returns to high when the internal controller has finished the operation. Once the program process starts, the Read Status Register command may be entered to read the status register.


Faithfully describe 24 hours delivery 7 days Changing or Refunding. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect reliability. The number of valid blocks is presented with both cases of invalid blocks considered. Any undefined command inputs are prohibited except for above command set of Table 1.

If program operation results in an error, map out the block including the page in error and copy the target data to another block. The command register remains in Read Status command mode until another valid command is written to the command register. The internal write verify detects only errors for “1”s that are not successfully programmed to “0”s. Any intentional erasure of the original invalid block information is prohibited.


Serial access may be done after power-on without latency. Since the time-consuming serial access and data-input cycles are removed, system performance for solid-state disk application is significantly increased.

In the case of status read failure after erase or program, block replacement should be done. PRE pin controls activation of autopage read function.

Rp VCC ibusy 1. Data 1 Data 64 Ex.

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In addition to the enhanced architecture and interface, the device incorporates copy-back program feature from one page to another page without need for transporting the k9f2g0u80m to and from the external buffer memory.

A block consists of two NAND structured strings. Line Protection, Backups BX Device operations are selected by writing specific commands into the command register. Cycle 00h 00h 90h FFh 80h 80h 85h 60h 85h 05h 70h 2nd. The following possible failure modes should be catasheet to implement a highly reliable system.

Optical Inspection Equipment AA The system design must be able to mask out the invalid block s via address mapping.

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