The Khabouris Codex is the complete Peshitta NT containing 22 books, in comparison to the ‘Western’ NT Canon which contains 27 books. The missing books. Some facts about the Khabouris Codex. READER QUESTION: So, I’ve heard a lot about the Aramaic English New Testament which is a direct translation of the. Hebrew New Testament translation in Hebrew letters from most Ancient Aramaic Khabouris Codex sources.

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According to Eric, new insights have already emerged from this ancient text from pioneering work done by the late Dan MacDougald, his colleagues, and men like Bishop Gerrit Crawford. Parts of the manuscript have been rubbed off, smudged or otherwise illegible. At some point around the codex was sent to New York have high-resolution knabouris taken by Eric Rivera working at the Better Light Company, a digital imaging company.

Transcription of the Khabouris Codex

Within these “layers” the other story of the date stamp of this ancient manuscript is told. Fortunately for the team, the two scan backs are the same basic unit — the same size with the same software. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

An updated version of this course, now called Laws of Living, was co-authored khaboouris Dr.


They are spirit and they are life… What treasures will be found as the very language of Jesus is studied can only be imagined. The Khabouris is one such New Testament.


Melikian states in his inventory listing that his copy is a different manuscript than the one owned by the Library of Congress. The transcribing of the Khabouris Codex began in Septemberas a comparison with the Peshitta. The Saga of the Yonan Codex?

Khaboris Codex

The text type Estrangelo, “rounded”, is beautifully scribed throughout the entire manuscript. These letters, words and larger areas have been carefully reconstructed using the Peshitta text in red.

Click here or on the photo below to see closer detail of the top and side segments outlined in yellow. Others said, How xodex Galiga cometh the Meshicha? Each stage would introduce additional error, and there was no guarantee it would ultimately work.

It has been carbon-dated to the 12th centurywhich is confirmed by palaeography. Yes, stitching was considered, but it would have been overwhelmingly difficult to accomplish — considering we were dealing with over pages as well as the introduction of many more complications in the stitching process.

The History of the Khabouris Manuscript Hits: An Introduction to History of the Khabouris Manuscript. MacDougald, committed their energies to the pursuit of a complete version.

Archived from the original on 21 August Work continues on these processes, as well as development of several related books. They could easily and quickly swap the two systems. We want to explore these original concepts and make sure we hear them as they were intended. The amount of flattening the center region of the page would need was much less than the outer edges of a page, and I could indeed selectively flex the page using a very rigid stainless steel plate behind layers of felt sized to match the written area.


Copyright Better Light, Inc.

He positioned each selected page between glass and an aluminum backing layered with felt, clamping the apparatus together. Dr Ryce has several websites in which he promotes the Khaboris codex.

He talks about this in the January 12, edition of the Armenian Reporter. The American side of the story is confirmed on a personal website by Greek-primacist James Trimm, who was part of the “research team” in the Sotheby’s account. The Khaburis Manuscript is the oldest known copy of the New Testament in its native, written language, Aramaic.

In the Khabouriw based New Testament world, there are some different New testament translations; obfuscating the original text, they khahouris confusing and contrary to each another. Six pages three pairs in the Gospel of Matthew, Pages, and are written in the text type, East Adiabene which is represented by the font East Adiabene V1.

The codex measures approximately 7. Archived from the original PDF on 5 January