When you look at all of the current armies, they are not using kroot in any of .. My army lists have kroot, I’ve always won using them and lost. So back in the day, there was a Kroot mercenary Army you could play. . a Kroot army like the Kroot Merc army lists of old, you’ll want/need to. KROOT MERCENARIES. The Kroot are expert jungle-fighters and trackers, and they are to be found serving as mercenaries across the Ultima. Segmentum and.

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I just checked eBay. And, subscribed, my Kroot brethren!

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

Da Big Mek This army idea is zrmy Overread Longtime Dakkanaut UK. Having the Kroot and Vespid wouldn’t eliminate battle suits being implemented in the game. No adverts like this in the forums anymore. It came out better than I had expected, and is nearly indistinguishable from the actual Forgeworld model. I also made a buckle for the armg strap to match the Forgeworld model.

Think of how in the army someone will point to a lroot and then a missle will come down there. Originally posted by Emperor Fooble:. Savnock – click to view full reply. For 8th edition, I’ve found that my favorite way of using standard Kroot infantry is as a footslogging Wych unit, led by a Hekatrix with an agoniser eviscerator counts-as.


This message was edited 1 time. So I changed the list a little to reflect some collaborative ideas, it’s now legal all around! The shapers with eviscerators count as a hekatrix with agoniser. Retrieved from ” https: Aetare – click to view full reply.


Warhammer 40,/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries – 1d4chan

SelvaggioSaky I really like the details on those legs, nice work. I was worried that the torsos wouldn’t match up well with the plastic legs, but it works great because they are naturally aiming below them.

One got to stay as-is, sans the space-boobs WGE seems to love, and the other became my Vulturekin Shaper. I wanted to be able to swap out the lisy so that I can use different character types. I’m in the process of painting it and some accessories to add to the final model.

This is what it looks like assembled, I have not done this yet with mine. I also finished an Aegis Defense Line. This model goes against the grain in respects to a lot of Kroot characteristics.

Glad to see you continuing with such a great example of a counts-as army done right! The first one I’ve built up armj going to be liet psyker, likely a farseer, so I went with the older looking Kroot head that came with the Kroot on Big Krot third party model. I replaced the arrow head on kroot visible bolt with a Kroot round to match the Forgeworld model.

The Moderator symbol will be shown next to the mod’s username only if it is an announcement so if you see it, you may want to check it out. Love your succubus and avatar conversions, neat ideas. The bolt thrower was made from the Dark Elf Repeater Thrower. I’m glad I did, I like it much better, although it loses the charm of a reanimated warrior and now falls into obvious necromancy. Does such a thing exist in 8th? I think I will go over the cracks with greenstuff as well as add some Kroot bits along the back of the terradon, possibly some leg straps for the rider to make him look a bit more secured on his mount rather than balancing off the shoulders.


With any luck, all the other forgeworld type stuff will come back, but I wouldn’t hope my breath on that. Out of interest, what is it that you’re using as the basis for the build?

I would like to get back to it ljst, but right now I need to flesh out models for a couple large beast packs. He has a feathered collar from the Skink Starpriest and a Sylvaneth Branchwych staff, as well as a little spell power from a Slaanesh chariot. I’m also contemplating adding some grievous injuries on the atmy, and perhaps even adding the warpaint back on freshly killed?

I am realy impressed. Ynneadwraith Yeah these guys are really cool very nice work. Funny you mention the skiff.

Oaka I decided to learn some quick casting. I think these new Lizardmen flyers would be great for either model choice, with a Kroot rider on each equipped with a ranged weapon to count as kroog the splinter pods on a Hellion or the twin-linked shuriken catapult on an Eldar Jetbike. Aside from my personal opinion, I don’t see how excluding them would help.