It is the intention of this document to take the original 3rd edition 40K Kroot Mercenary army list written by Andy Hoare and update it to 5th edition 40K, We took. The following is an attempt to update the Kroot Mercenaries for 7th edition The army must select a single Evolutionary Adaptation from the list. as mercenaries across the Ultima. Segmentum and beyond. Their integration into the Tau Empire requires the Kroot to provide troops to Tau armies and.

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First army list, counts as Kroot Mercenaries 1500

I also finished an Aegis Defense Line. At that point, Grey Knights were considered ridiculously overpowered, an army I try to lit away from, and I’ve never been a fan of static gunlines, so the project never really took off. The riders were painted separately and then added onto the Knarloc afterwards. I thought qrmy would be neat to provide army lists to my opponent with a faux wax seal.

I’ll probably roll into this tournament in November with an point list that I’ve never used before, lose four times, but have a fun experience regardless! Greyhound – click to view full reply. Da Big Mek- I didn’t spend the time making the codex if I didn’t hope at least one person would try it out! The beak is more avian, it’s lkst its forearms, and it has only three digits per claw. I also added a couple magnets so that the character can be removed from the mount itself and the tree for ease in painting and transportation.


You make for a good case about Orks! TheChronoTrigger – click to view full reply. I’ve got many ideas kroof individual models to work on in the near future.

Overall it’s a line of the least resistance for my conversions as they are similar in size to Kroot. This is such a nice model, and was a joy to paint up. Sarigar – click to view full reply.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

Since the skinks stand on top of the terradon there really wasn’t much room for a saddle along its back so instead I’ve just draped the legs over the neck- not the best result visually but it lends itself to the rider engaging into combat more than just sitting back for a nice Sunday flight.

So, I volunteered to make up some new ones for my army: Oaka I will not be adding kroott forearms.

Also where did the bit for the Heroes’ Scythe weapon on the right come from? I’ve always wanted to do kroott Kroot army only I’ve never been overly enthusiastic about atmy tau with them – would it be cool with you if i steal the idea? Oaka Yeah, I wanted to add in the purple that I have scattered throughout the rest of the army, but it seems a bit forced. I also began to put together the gunners.

Briancj – click to view full reply.

Ynnari Kroot Mercenaries (Female Kroot August 29) – Forum – DakkaDakka

I will be painting the fabrics a dark purple to tie in with the rest of my army. The GW hounds look malnourished kroor comparison. Models from left to right: Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in.


I completely forgot to add warpaint.

Oaka Inquisitor Krooteaz is finished! Medium of Death One thing you might consider doing is building up underneath the giant kroot beasts eyes. And the mounted great knarlocs all completed. Just a bit puzzled by the codex choice, using the Tau codex and using counts as for the tau parts would of been a much lesser jump.

Please add your thoughts, and if anyone has a good method for doing undead skin I’m all ears. Oaka I mercenarj down the green stuff and glue for a week and painted up the first spined hound that was available as a limited release from Zealot Miniatures. Two Spartan Cool man!

In total Nids have a monster Gargoyles hang onto and two kinds of drop pod spore for transports. Sheep That head looks fantastic mate, the only thing I would suggest could improve it is to blend the transitions on the spines alittle bit more. Oaka I’m quite excited about the new Eldar ktoot, and how it will affect my Kroot army.

Colonel Nercenary – click to view full reply. Curious how you’re doing it so beautifully.