Editorial Reviews. Review. “I don’t think any fans of Training Season will be disappointed in Look inside this book. Training Complex (Training Season Series Book 2) by [Blake, Leta] . Of course on a hotness scale it just explodes. SO HOT!. author. human. working hard to become stellar at life. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

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Still overflowing with emotion a day after finishing. I loved the story, I loved Matty.

View all 20 comments. We are capable of so much love in our lives and love can do amazing things. And maybe if they did this a chapter later, I wouldn’t even nitpick about it.

Training Complex

I loved being back with Sessuon and Rob, but I found myself frustrated and sad for a good part of the book. It’s good with the bad, happy with the sad and kiss with the cry. There is some angst but mostly it’s scorching. I’m trying not to come in my pants,” Matty said.

After Rob sold his ranch and Matty hung up his skates, they started a new life together in New York City. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Thank fuck, that did not happen. He had a lot of depth and maturity. The love between Neil and Joshua is intense- they are soulmates in every sense of the word. OH, and Elliot needs a book.

Rob Lovely is… lovely. Yes, all hell breaks loose because something has to give, but they stay and fight together. BDSM can be harsh, but the sex scenes in this book are so incredibly well written and meaningful they never detract from the story. I’m sorry for being the odd one out again people. I recommend you grab this one to find out. Not real BDSM but very strong and beautiful. But that’s how my stupid little mind processed the information.


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Things that don’t always work for me. Reading Training Season is a must before blakd into this second book. This book made me so frustrated and weepy and anxious. Now I’ll say it. Nothing managed to come close to topping the scene in the cornfield from Training Seasonbut that is OK by me. That cornfield scene is one for the record books and I actually prefer to keep it uncontested! It’s pretty clear that some of Matty’s failure to support Rob’s needs is due to Rob’s failure to give Matty any hints about how he feels.

The city worns him out and Matty and Rob are living sessiob New York in their small apartment and they struggle with a lot of things. It’s about a tragic accident and death and grief, and being reborn with memories of another lifetime.

Trivia About Training Complex But watching the boys struggle made the HEA epilogue just that much sweeter and satisfying. The resolution to their problems, and the epilogue were amazing and just what I needed to remember these men fondly.

Considering their two-year breakup, I wanted a much, much longer epilogue. But it was still intensely disappointing.

Training Complex (Training Season, #2) by Leta Blake

That is why I read and the feels I got with this story were beautiful, intense and overwhelming and raw. I enjoy it as porn, or if I know that the book will completely be PWP.


From the characters to the prose to the level of angst and love this one delivers a Gold Medal winning performance. Cause that breastfeeding baby trying to get the hell away from h Overall book rating: Other than these two niggles, I had no problem with how the story ended. It was real and believable and I loved every angsty second. As Matty spirals downward and acts out, Rob is keeping all of his feelings locked down and f I loved being back with Matty and Rob, but I found myself frustrated and sad for a good part of the book.

A super duper gorgeous rancher is lusting after a bitchy bling bling diva who’s wearing a mink, a handbag, and is running around like she he has swallowed a paint box? Suddenly it kicks into gear and how wrong was I? And maybe check in on the happy couple in the future?

Prepare to have your heart stumble and stutter. Leat, the side characters. I think that only very few authors are actually skilled enough to pull that off and I clearly did not buy that in Training Season. Sep 09, dammit, liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: But then, he never thinks about telling Matty how he feels, never gives him the chance to act on it.

I thought I loved Matty… but Rob?

I can’t sessipn being sarcastic. Even more now that I’ve read the sequel Training Complex. You’re the reason for my existence. As an adult, Neil finds there’s more than lost time separating them.