French Defence 3Nd2 (Batsford Chess Book) [Lev Psakhis] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The theory behind the French Defense has. book on the French by grandmaster Lev Psakhis from the “Complete. understand not just of the French Defense, but of chess in general. Lev Borisovich Psakhis is a naturalised Israeli chess grandmaster, trainer and author. Born in Consequently, he has developed an affinity with the French Defence and is a noted expert on it, beginning with writing The Complete French (and.

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Somehow I think that the excess of information muddles people’s minds. However, among the positive features of this variation we may count the complexity of the resulting positions and the relative lack of study devoted to them.

“The Complete French” by Lev Psakhis

However, understanding is not conferred simply by an author telling you, e. I would much rather see what strong players actually trusted enough to play freench the board. I understand why this is – before there were chess databases The Complete French was published inbefore chess databases were widespread an opening book was essential.

His previous books for Batsford include The Complete French and The Complete Benoni, as well as the three former volumes in the present series: I think some of the more recent opening books are a little too commercial.

The book is completely falling apart with none of the pages connected to the cover and most not connected to each other, either. I suppose I would like to hear how a really strong player describes the position – but again, really strong players nowadays don’t usually write opening books. You don’t get paid a huge amount, even if you publish a book, so you need to just get it pev relatively quickly.


French Defence: Steinitz, Classical and Other Variations

Stars are assigned as follows:. He gained the International Master and International Grandmaster titles in and respectively, either side of two momentous Soviet Championship victories in Vilnius —shared with Alexander Beliavsky and Psakkhis —shared with Garry Kasparovwhom he defeated in round 2. White usually replies with 4. When I introduced this column I mentioned that I probably wouldn’t be covering many opening books.

This move is far from new.

I pswkhis see all the games in the database, sure, but here it is organized and selected by a strong player Lev Psakhis was a two-time Soviet Champion and was in his prime as a player at the time.

Therefore publishers know that a modern opening book needs to have something more.

Lev Psakhis playing the French Defense as Black

So I will instead provide some short excerpts from different points in the book. I’m not saying to go out and buy this book if you can find itI just decided to review it because it was an influential book on me, and also it gave me the opportunity to discuss opening books in general.

Frenfh is fine and it might be useful, but the problem is that many of the book authors are not top-level players, so you can’t necessarily trust it. I don’t know – I think probably through a catalogue. Nf6 4 Bg5 Be7this volume incorporates the Rubinstein, Burn and MacCutcheon Systems, all of which have seen an upsurge of interest in recent years. I think this is better.

He played a training match with Kasparov in and lost 1—5. ErgodebooksTexas, United States Seller rating: This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat Nc3 Bb4 Winawer and Vol. Later, at the end fo the deefence and in the early fifties, it became known to a wide circle of players and was incorporated in the repertoire of Botvinnik and Petrosian, but never became really popular. Additionally, with many more amateur-level players studying opening theory than in the past, publishers know that books that are more of the “reference” ffench will be over many reader’s heads.


However, personally, somehow the modern opening books kind of annoy me. Social responsibility Did you know that sinceBiblio has used its profits to build 12 public libraries in rural villages of South America? They don’t get a grandmaster’s assessment of the positions – but they pdakhis look at the result of the game, and also assess the position for themselves. And most opening books back then simply showed key master-level games in the variation, picked out defencd a strong player with his assessments.

I also wanted to use the opportunity to discuss opening books in general. The writing is pretty good, and Psakhis – a long-time practitioner of the French Defense lve clearly feels for the opening.

Book is in excellent condition; pages are clean and unmarked and spine is intact.

Nd2 TarraschVol. If for any reason your order is not deence to ship, you will not be charged. I find it interesting that the players of the sixties, seventies, and eighties could play the opening quite well despite the difficulties with gaining information. Born in Siberiahe is also a two-time former champion of the Soviet Union.

He acts as trainer to the world’s No. Thus, for me – personally – books more like The Complete French would be reasonable nowadays, if I were just learning an opening. There were creditable second-place finishes at TallinnSochiTrnavaCalcuttaErevan and Herzliya