References: LEY Nº , Orgánica Constitucional de Bases Generales de la ;. Other terms used were “Chile”, “leyes”, “políticas”, “acceso”, “precio” This law modifies the law No () in its title IV on .. privados, mantendrán una base de datos actualizada y otros registros de libre acceso, con información que. medirlo (Versión actualizada),” Research Department Publications , Inter- American .. “What Makes Annuitization More Appealing?,” NBER Working Papers , National Bureau of Joseph Aldy & Eduardo Ley & Ian Parry,

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In Chile there is no prepublication censoring.


Chilean Constitution, Articles 25, 47, 49 and Law However, any non-specific prohibition earns a NO score. Legislative branch asset disclosures are not audited, or the audits performed have no value. In practice, citizens can access pey asset disclosure records of 18557 civil servants at a reasonable cost. In the last legislative election, for deputies, there were only eight independent candidates and none of them was elected. CSOs focused on promoting good governance or anti-corruption can freely organize with little to no interaction with the government, other than voluntary registration.

ley 16744 actualizada pdf chile map

Lack of resources is a regular and systemic problem that cripples the performance of the legislature. Sometimes those expenditures are not declared and sometimes the candidates prefer to pay the penalties, as they are rather low.

A YES score is earned if the right to vote is guaranteed to all citizens of the country basic age limitations are allowed. Internet users are prevented by the government from reaching online content in some cases.


There is no budget oversight committee or equivalent, or heads of agencies do not submit meaningful reports to the agency. This includes the auditing of nominally independent financial organizations that act as financial extensions of the party.

Civil servants rarely comment on political debates. There are two state-owned media putlets: In law, there are regulations governing private contributions to individual political candidates. Aprueba el Reglamento de asistencia financiera por el Fondo con cargo acyualizada las industrias culturales.

Negative incentives may include threats, harassment or other abuses of power. This information is essential to the process of evaluating budget priorities. Amends provisions of the Bribery Ordinance relating to power of investigation, search and seizure.

The agency, thought limited in effectiveness, is still fair in its application of power. Part 6 provides for coming into force of regulations. The regulations governing gifts and hospitality to members of the national-level judiciary are generally applied though exceptions exist.

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A NO score is earned if there is a general exemption from explaining some decisions such as national security. This Law modifies the administrative statute Law The enactment also modifies the Chief Electoral Officer’s power under section 17 of the Act so that the power may only be exercised to allow electors to exercise their right to vote or to allow votes to be counted.


In practice, in the past year, no civil society activists working on corruption issues have been killed. Clear rules are followed distinguishing state functions from party activities. The government uses state-owned media to routinely discriminate against opposition candidates and parties.


A NO score is earned if wctualizada bidding is not required by law or regulation for major procurement greater than 0. Licenses are required, and impose a financial burden on the organization. Records take more than a month to acquire.

While some backlog is expected and inevitable, complaints are acknowledged promptly and investigations into serious abuses move steadily towards resolution. In practice, citizens can access the actualizasa records of political parties at a reasonable cost. The agency may be slow to act, unwilling to take on politically powerful offenders, reluctant to cooperate with other agencies, or occasionally unable to enforce its judgments.

TV coverage of political candidates is regulated by law.

Reports are released, but may be delayed, difficult to access, or otherwise limited. However, exceptions and loopholes exist through which parties can generate revenue or finance their activities beyond the scope of existing regulations.

Finalmente, regula lo atinente al funcionamiento del Centro de Arbitrajes de Conflictos en las Locaciones.