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This is a wonderful journey of a woman learning to become more independent and self-assured, all while maintaining a sense of humor about the world. Lists with This Book.

He can’t realize that I’m an individual just as much as he is. It seems obvious to those who know and love Anne and Gilbert and Lizzie and Darcy but it’s not obvious enough for my tastes.

Dear Enemy

Classics If you like Classics eBooks, then you’ll love these top picks. She is officially my most favorite red-head. Was it Judy or “Dear Enemy”? I’ll be rereading these sweet letters again, they have already taken a spot in my heart. There’s a lot of discussion about eugenics, hereditary traits and “weeding out” those undesirables such as the feeble minded.

Return to Book Page. Part Irish, part English, part Scotch, with a delightful mixture of representative qualities from all these races. Bless you, Stephen Colbert, for coining that word. Sallie is a wonderful writer and her letters to her “Enemy” are my favorites!


I am going to manage pets for them somehow, if I have to spend our new endowment for a menagerie. Strega Nona—”Grandma Witch”—is the source for potions, cures, magic, and comfort in her Calabrian town.

Women’s independence and capability of learning and managing and doing are never in question. Eugenics, oh dear, oh dear.

Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia, a series that has become part of the canon of classic literature, drawing readers of all ages into a magical land with unforgettable characters for over fifty years. I am charmed by the flirtation-via-book; I’m repulsed by the subject matter.

Dear Enemy – Aug 18 11 7 Sep 01, I loved listening to the audiobook, courtesy Librivox. I find Sallie a slightly less dense narrator than Judy heroine of the prequel Daddy Long Legswhose greatest charm and irritation is her cheerful, persistent earnestness. Judy is now married and recruits her college friend Sallie to give up her happy-go-lucky life and run the John Grier Home, the orphanage that Judy was raised in.

That was my absolute favorite part. She is both frivolous and hard-working, and I approve of this. Sep 22, notyourmonkey rated it liked it Shelves: With Free Audiobook Link 2. Papaitk think anyone who was interested in the story whether the anime, movies or book, would want to know what happened to Judy, Julia and Sallie. Predictably, they have frequent tiffs and arguments.

Huge swathes of charming, with one egregious, icky icky caveat. The book is in libbro form of letters written by Sally to Judy, and to her ‘enemy’ the Scotch Pediatrician who looks after the children of the home, and whose reticence and temper are unmatchable.


Webster employs the epistolary structure to good effect; Sallie’s choices of what to recount to each of her correspondents reveal a lot about her relationships with them. I liked catching up with Judy and Jervis but they have become very two-dimensional and aren’t really a part of this story.

The privilege of serving as Singapore’s valet is going to be the only incentive I shall need for maintaining discipline. Please review your cart.

Un intento de desahogo la lleva a escribir sobre la vida en el orfanato John Grier.

El niño que enloqueció de amor audiolibro completo

Aug 31, Masumeh rated it liked it. While reading this book, anything remotely related to her relationship with her “Enemy” gives me great joy. In this edition contains 17 works and it is also included free audiobook link of some works. Open,gregarious,brave,funny,compassionate,and a modern woman. I would give it five stars – on the whole, I like this one more than Daddy-Long-Legswhich it comes after – but alas! This story is llargas by Sallie this time, and her correspondence between herself and her friends and boyfriend Gordon known as Bob to usand Dr.