LOS SECUESTRADOS DE ALTONA by JEAN-PAUL SARTRE at – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Losada – Title: Teatro. Los secuestrados de Altona. Publisher: Editorial Losada, S.A.. Publication Date: Binding: EncuadernaciĆ³n de tapa blanda. Book Condition. : Los secuestrados de Altona/ The Kidnapped of Altona (Spanish Edition) () by Jean-Paul Sartre and a great selection of similar.

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A moment of independence. Do you mean today? Pointing to the door. Sartre summarizes the plot in the program notes of the play: The Condemned of Altona French: I can’t stand it! Meanwhile, flashbacks are shown involving Franz.

The Condemned of Altona – Wikipedia

Leni notices lipstick on a champagne glass and reveals that Father has told her Franz has been seeing Johanna. Johanna tells Werner that she has seen Franz, and tells him Father’s proposition.

I have only one judge – myself – and I acquit myself. It was one of the last plays Sartre wrote, followed only by his adaptation of Euripides ‘ The Trojan Women.

Franz admits that he holds all the guilt of Germany’s loss: When he is discovered, Father appeals to Goebbelswho grants Franz amnesty in return for enlistment. In the second act, Leni asks Franz why he has not conceded to the crabs every right but the right to condemn him.


How far would we have to run? Take me to some town where everyone is the same, where they all lie to themselves.

Get to Know Us. I’m lucky, in fact.

Los Secuestrados de Altona (Spanish Edition): Jean-Paul Sartre: : Books

He claims atona it is not incest, and that he has not desired her. When he asks what will, she answers it would be best if he “did away with himself”, yet she asks him to “come back to life” – to come out of his seclusion and take over the business so that she and Werner would be free.

Leni apologizes for the earlier quarrel, but Franz rushes her quickly out of the room. I, Franz von Gerlach, here in this room, have taken the century upon my shoulders and have said: Where does it come from, this rancid, dead taste in my mouth?

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Here Sartre shows Father’s power to stem from a self-deception Werner does not possess: Father claims his ability to command comes from his receiving of orders, despite the fact they are his own. Also in Act One, Sartre’s ideas of secuesrtados and ” existence precedes essence ” are illustrated in Johanna’s outburst to Father von Gerlach: Throughout the play, Sartre characteristically colors the text of the plot with his philosophic concepts, especially the notions of responsibility and freedom and the contrast between bad faith and authenticity.

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Explore the Home Gift Guide. The title recalls his formulation “Man is condemned to be free. If you want to command, think of yourself as someone else You took our eyes to examine what exists, while we, living in man’s epoch, have seen with those same eyes what does not exist.

In doing so, she unwittingly serves her father-in-law’s ends. Johanna arrives and tells him that Father wants to see him. As Johanna is about to tell Franz something, Leni taps her signal on the door. I have no contempt for you. He demands that she tell him Germany really is crumbling as Leni says, and she exits. He takes her by the waist and kisses her brutally. When she suggests that the door-signal be changed, he refuses, justifying his position by claiming that history is sacred. Up to quite recently, I did.

It won’t be nice.