Die DC/DS Senderlinie bringt neue Möglichkeiten und Verbesserungen der einzelnen Anwenderprogrammierung aufgrund Lua Programmiersprache. Ich wollte mich schon länger mal mit [b]LUA[/b] befassen, bin aber nie richtig zu meiner Frage:Kann man [b]LUA[/b] mit. Lua is an easy and elegant programming language that is recorded as the fastest interpreted language on many benchmarks and proven.

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If no ID was specified, then the label of the item connected to the current page will be returned, if the page is indeed connected and a label exists. The data are separated by a semicolon, the format is as follows: Try also LuaDista multi-platform distribution of the Lua that includes batteries.

This page title can be used to link to the given page. There are also many frameworks available, which this post aims to compare. Lua is being used in production for web development for a long time with success by websites such programmiersprachee TaoBaoa chinese online shopping website that ranks 11 globally on Alexa with over million product listings, CloudflareRackspace programmiersprachw, itch. Source Lua is free software distributed in source code.

This can be handily viewed with. The apps are stored at a single repository on the jetimodel. If the license is not present, this is automatically assumed. In this case, the Horizon. See also Awesome Lua. Something important to note, there is one advantage that is not listed because it applies to all of them, which is the good performance and small footprint.

An example call might look like this:. If globalSiteId is given, the title the item is linked with in the given Wiki will be returned. Usage of these applications is at the sole responsibility of each user. Lua modules and wiki templates can invoke these functions.


A nice way to give us further credit is to include a Lua logo and a link to our site in a web page for your product. For improved performance, when accessing only specific aspects it is recommended to access them directly without getEntity.

The returned structure is very similar to the Wikibase DataModel JSON schema for statementsand equivalent to the statement structures in mw.


Returns nil if there’s no linked item. LuaForge programmierspraxhe the major repository for user-contributed tools, and includes LuaBinariesa complete repository of pre-compiled Lua libraries and executables.

Sailor is a fairly new framework that began as an independent project by the same maintainer of this blog and has been mentored under Google Summer of Code. It will never return “deprecated” statements. The description will either be in the Wiki’s language progrmmiersprache monolingual wikis or the user’s language on multilingual Wikisfurthermore language fallbacks will be applied.

| The Best Lua Web Frameworks

For ease of access and convinence Wikibase Lua library provides access to aspects labels, descriptions, statements either directly or by loading the whole entity.

The current version is Lua 5. This is even more enhanced on tools that support LuaJIT. This is what you usually want when prohrammiersprache values to an ordinary reader. If statements with the requested property ID exist, the table returned is equivalent to the content of mw.

These can be installed, uninstalled and updated with a few simple steps. RSS Subscribe to Lua. This doesn’t apply any language fallbacks.

DC/DS Lua Programming API für Entwickler: JETI model s. r. o.

Alternatively a table with acceptable ranks can be given as second parameter a programmiersprace table with all ranks can be found in mw. This allows using the property’s labels instead of ids in all places.

Programmierxprache Client provides a Lua Scribunto interface that implements functions to access data from the Wikibase repository, if the Wikibase Client configuration enables allowDataTransclusion.


Statements with rank “deprecated” are never included. Requesting an item by id is only supported if arbitrary access is enabled. This is useful for displaying References or Qualifiers. I am ula the lead developer of one of them Sailor and I haven’t developed using all the options I’m listing, but I hope this is a fairly decent comparison.

It has good language semantics, awesome documentation, it is very readable and has very powerful mechanisms such as metatables, proper tail calls and many other features that are worth taking a look. Sat Jul programniersprache Retrieved from ” https: Each line contains a description of a single application.

We highly recommend this. This is equivalent to the content of entity. The main application file with the extension.

Lua is very easy to build and install. The following table summarizes the most common functions:. This should not be used to get the label in the user’s language on multilingual wikis, use mw. There luq detailed instructions in the package but here is a simple terminal session that downloads the current release of Lua and builds it in Linux: The following table summarizes the most common functions: We prefer compiled applications.

Hinweise zur Programmiersprache Lua

Functions documented as mw. When globalSiteId is given, the page title on the specified wiki is returned, rather than the one on the local wiki.

The starting entity, and the target entities are potentially indirectly, via intermediate entities linked by statements with the given property ID, pointing from the starting entity programjiersprache one of the target entities.